June 26, 2010

Don’t faint….

I used watercolor pencils instead of markers here! Please don’t faint….I know you expect me to be a marker-girl, but every now and then I’ve got to get up and stretch my boundaries. So, since I love the tie-dye look, why not tie-dye the letters here? I’ve only been able to figure out the tie-dye look with watercolors, cuz I really don’t think it’s possible to tie-dye with markers, need the effect of water saturation to get that lovely color gradation.

Been thinking a lot about Karma lately…..why? Because my refrigerator reminds me of Karma and it’s about to go ka-put. To make a long story short, many years ago we almost got a $1000 refrigerator for free because Sears forgot to charge us for it. After using it for a few months, we still hadn’t seen the bill. So we picked up the phone and called them. Yep…sure did! Why? Because if we hadn’t straightened this out every time we would use that refrigerator we’d feel like a thief. What comes around goes around. We knew we’d be paying for it one way or another.


* scan doesn’t show true colors here.

Do you believe in Karma? I do to some extent- I don’t think bad things will happen if I step on an ant or eradicate an entire ant hill….Really!! But I believe if we use or hurt people intentionally that these things come back….in one form or another. Possibly as frustration or a string of bad luck. But if you treat people right, with respect and kindness then things may just go your way unexpectedly. You will have more peace and love. Less Drama. I definitely think there are rules to our unseen world. Science is finding this to be true with atoms & electro-magnetic energy…Why not then with morals and behavior?

Agree? Disagree? Your thoughts……


daisydolls said...

I am such a huge believer of this whole post. Everything you said I could have said myself, I knew I had a connection with you(O: I believe in Karma!!

The tie die letters are awesome! Watercolor pencils such a great invention!

Sending good karma your way, hang in there fridgidare!!(O:

Eileen Bergen said...

I like the idea of Karma and I believe we are all better off if we try to always do good and kind things. The more people who do that - the better the world will be, right?

But I don't believe that bad things always come to bad people - in this life. So maybe I believe in Karma in the long run, but not necessarily during our earthly life.

I love the doodle, but then I usually use watercolor pencils myself to color my doodles.

Nice post.

Elena said...

LOVE LOVE this post! Yes, I believe it all and what wonderful lettering you have!

Sophie_vf said...

I don't believe in this particular definition of karma - I think of it more as collective, big picture karma, because bad things happen to good people. What I DO know I *love* the effect of watercolor pencils! Are you going to try them with your birdies?

Chel said...

I totally believe in karma. Such a powerful, beautiful word. And, by the way, I LOVE the watercolor pencils. I hope you play with them even more!

There are "blender" pens and solutions for markers which allow them to be diluted and washed out. i don't know much about that, and you probably know al about it, but thought I might mention it!

My only issue with the whole idea of "karma" is that most *really* nasty people are so wrapped up in themselves that when bad things happen to them, they don't realize it's because what they did is coming back around to them. It's just more reasons for them to be mean in return, because their lives keep making them crankier!

Janet said...

I love the watercolor tie-dye look....and yes, I believe in karma! If only people could understand that when they hurt someone else they're also hurting themselves even more.

rhomany said...

Check out Whispers markers, Eden. They're water-soluble AND blendable.

lori vliegen said...

someone pass the smelling salts.....watercolor!!! woo hoo!! of course, now i won't be able to sleep tonight because i'll be wondering how in the world you created those FABULOUS tye-died letters!! is there a tutorial on this somewhere.....enquiring minds want(have) to know!!! xox, :))

Eden said...

Wow!! I love all your comments! I wish I had all the answers to why bad things happen to good people and vice versa.

@ Chel, I love your footnote about the cranky ppl :D :D

@ Lori,just winging it with the pencil first then adding water to it as I go. Hey....if I really had my act together I could do a youtube on it, huh??? LOL.

@ Rhomany- thanks for the heads up about the Whisper markers. Hope to find some :D

Thanks for the nice comments about the watercolor tie-dye everyone :D

Serena said...

Firstly, I LOVE your tie-dye letters!

I have always been a big believer in Karma right down to insects and animals. I also believe that we create our own reality via our constant thoughts and emotions. If we constantly worry, feel angry, or always look to the negatives of a situation, I believe we will attract situations into our own lives that reflect those same emotions even if the situations manifest differently.

I'm also a huge believer in the Power of Now....truly living and being present in each and every moment always focusing more on the positives than the negatives of any given situation. In reality, it's truly not an easy thing to do.....but I try.

Serena said...

I meant to add that I would have done exactly the same as you re. the fridge. When I went through a shop register some month's back with a few DVDs, the register operator accidentally let one of the DVDs slip through without it being scanned for the register tally.....I could have walked out and he would have been none the wiser BUT that is not me....I immediately drew his attention to the missed DVD. I walked out of the store with a clear conscience.

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