June 28, 2010

Part 2……Procrastination

Had the morning to myself so……you’d think I’d get more done. Well, I did go grab my other pencils ( 2H, 2B, B, H, and F). Which helped immensely!! Don’t know why I even bothered attempting this sketch without the other leads. Probably just lazy.

Armed with my monitor, my moleskine, and my Graphite pencils… I finally sat down to draw. It went like this: draw, erase, draw, erase…..go do something (laundry)….. draw, erase, draw, erase, erase, erase…..then surf the internet…..draw, draw, erase…..then get up for more coffee…..erase, draw, erase……text family. You get the picture. I can find so much else to do, except STAY ON TASK!! What am I so afraid of? Or is it boredom? I don’t think boredom is the culprit here, I think it’s focus. Why am I doing this? It…is…Hard…! Who cares? I guess I have to care enough to see this thru.

Talk about b.o.r.i.n.g……..this (see book above) is boring. But see, I get paid for this, so I have no problem staying on task. May have to read and re-read the same paragraph, but I get through it. People count on me for this sort of stuff.

*Disclaimer: Not all of the above book is boring….but most of it is! LOL!!


Now, this is looking more like the picture. Those other pencils really help to add some depth. Making it appear not so flat.

I bet you’d like to see the original picture, huh? Ahhhh……. not yet, I don’t want to be judged!! Plus, how else can I keep you guys interested in this process?


daisydolls said...

Oh I'm loving the process.! It's looking SO good!! It takes a lot of energy to sketch a photo, I know just what you mean. You have to gear up for the challenge(O: I can't wait to see more progress...

Eileen Bergen said...

That's really shaping up nicely. I laughed reading about your process and avoidance because I do the same thing.

I can do just about anything when I have a business deadline ... but things I want to do just for me (my art, exercise) just don't get done.

Is that a guilt thing, a fear thing or a female thing? lol.

Janet said...

Looks great from where I'm sitting! My biggest problem is patience....I have NONE, zip, zero, nada. So when I'm doing anything, I want to hurry up and be finished so I can see the end result. That's why I stick to very intuitive art!

violette said...

Your drawing is lovely!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Re: talking to your co-workers......why not just start talking about your art and what makes you happy? You can bring in your sketchbook and excitedly say "oh i'd love to share with you my latest drawing!" I think most people would be kind and show an interest!

Love, Violette

daisydolls said...

Thanks Eden!! To answer your question I do use regular paint sometimes on these pages. As long as it's flat (no gloss) paint the pages don't stick together but the paper holds the paint really well because I use it straight out of the bottle without any water. I use, acrylic paint, sharpie paint pens, sharpie markers, archival ink pens and sometimes metallic gold paint pens. I'm curious to see how your sketches are coming. Have you ever heard of the "Sketchbook Project"? I found it this morning and signed up. I thought of you actually. They send you a sketchbook (everyone gets the same size) and you pick a theme then fill it what ever way you want. Details are on my blog in the top right corner. It's like a concert tour only your journal would go on tour and then end up in the Brooklyn Library. How cool is that.... I was so excited!! Check it out. I would love to flip through one of your journals with doodles galore(O:

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