February 8, 2010

Doodle Directory

I really can’t decide what to call this???? Doodle Dictionary or Doodle Directory. I got the idea of creating this directory from Sue at Sue Doodles. She’s an amazing doodler, go check her out, I’ll wait!

While doing my mindless doodles, I’d be wracking my brain with what doodle to do next. So, off I went in my handy-dandy watercolor moleskine to document some of my favorite doodles. These are really quite simple and I really must take some time to learn more forms. This Zentangle newsletter is a good place for instruction. All in good time, all in good time.

Here’s just a sneak peak of my little directory so far….. I even named some of the forms.


The Flowers are what I learned at Calligra-Fun with Martha Lever.


The “Open Boxes” are very much an inspiration from Tammy at Daisy Yellow.


I’m really drawn to the “Striped Triangles” on this one, but would love to do more along the “Swirls upon Swirls” line.


Almost all my doodles have some sort of “Diamond” pattern in the background.


Lots of fun stuff in this one, I am enjoying this “Leaves” type of doodle lately.


Lots of fun doodles here too! I love to draw the Line Flower, Seuss Hats, Puzzle and Camouflage.

Where do you get your inspiration? Has anybody found a good book along these lines (a doodle book)?

Thanks for stopping by :D



Janet said...

A couple of years ago I used to do zentangles every day and loved it. I think it's almost like a meditation when I'm drawing. I really like your idea of making a directory or dictionary of designs. Yours are all great.

lori vliegen said...

wow! you've got a great doodle dictionary there!! i think that this is a great idea....sometimes i get "stuck" for inspiration, and this would be such a fabulous resource!! thanks for stopping by my blog! :))

Sherita said...

I've been looking for a resource like this, so I haven't found one so far but thanks for the great idea!

Serena Lewis said...

WOW...what a great idea!

gypsy said...

Eden, Your doodle directory/dictionary/sampler is fabulous, a work of art in itself. I find myself paging thru my older moleskines looking for patterns; this idea sounds both fun and useful. Cheers! Tammy

LuLu said...

Howdy Ededn,
Your doodle dictionary is a brilliant idea. I'm gonna do it too! THanks for sharing. Love, love, love your drawing!

Meanwhile I would love for you to please visit my blog, and comment on some of my art when you have a moment or 2!

Mary Lou 'LuLu'

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faith1110 said...

This is a great idea. I've published a collection of nearly 600 'tiny tots' (very small images) on my blog at dynamicdoodling.blogspot.com as a PDF for anyone to download, but they are black and white.They can be cut up and put them in a box for spontaneous (blind) choice when a pattern is needed. But your coloured images are much more attractive and would be ideal as a memory game, for instance.

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