February 15, 2010

Evolution of a Blog Banner……


I think I have a “thing” for blog banners! I started posting to this blog back in 2007. And my motto for the blog was “Just Do It”, to get me over the hump of writing on here. Exposing myself and my stuff to the outer world. It was fun. I liked the fact that if I was talking to a friend I could immediately show them something I was talking about by just going to my blog and finding the post.

Then in 2009, I wanted to pick a word. As you can see my word was “Start”. As in start to do the things I wanted to do, and I started to update my blog as well.

When I first named my blog I had it as “My Perspective”, so I thought it would be fun to bring that into the blog header in the one I used in February ‘09. Being that I don’t use the blog to voice my political views, my personal victories and struggles (other than with arts & crafts), I thought that name was pretty lame. So, that’s when “This looks like fun” came onto the scene.

The “Lighten Up and Start to express yourself in different ways” banner was pretty short lived. I wanted to jump start myself to really post on this blog, but I thought the “lighten up” wording came off as a little negative. Time to change again, then.

The Inspire, Love, Start header was super fun to make. I used many digital images that I bought at Scrapgirls and I got to express myself thru Photoshop more on here. I really have a thing for those birdies too! Go figure!


This summer as I foung myself with more “me” time due to the fact that my youngest child was driving herself to her activities and practices. I was able to sew things and to doodle a bit and to really express myself in color. I brought in my own pictures for the top banner… “A little place on the web where Creativity happens”. This banner really inspired me. I could see some of my favorite fabrics, my favorite self-made quilt, some fun doodles and embroidery. This one I could’ve kept up forever.

Now it’s December and I seem to be on a roll…..so, I had to wish my blog readers a Merry Christmas and what better way to do that than thru my banner. With pictures from my own tree and infusing it with the real reason for Christmas (not the politically correct version of Happy Holidays), I was able to show you a little slice of my values.

Then came the Happy New Year banner! I had hand drawn those birds (just 3) in October and scanned them into my computer for future work. For this banner all I had to do was color, crop and duplicate in Photoshop. Another fun, FUN, blog header!

On February1st, I had to try my hand at a Valentines header. As you can see, I have trouble with PINK! I love pink, actually adore it….but this banner seems too busy for me. Maybe it’s too pink!! Probably should’ve toned it down some.

Then today, I made a blog header with my own little doodle alphabet. The first three letters are from my earlier doodling. The last 3 letters are more recent. To me the latter letters (Lowercase) are a bit richer, not as boring as the Uppercase series.

Don’t know how long I’ll keep this header up. Until I get bored with it I guess. I think it would be neat if blogger was able to keep the blog header with the posts that we did at that time. For those not familiar I’ll explain what I mean. When I upload a new blog header it will be what is seen when you go back and read older posts. It’s too bad the header doesn’t appear that I used from the time I posted a certain post (i.e. Christmas banner blog header as you go back and read what I talked about in Dec 09)….. Ah well, such is life.

What have you seen evolve on your blog that surprised you? Inspired you? Kept you wanting to update and improve?

Thanks for stopping by,



Serena said...

Your blog banners are all so attractive! I've been feeling like it's time for a fresh header on my blog too.

As for how my blog has evolved...I feel like my blog has grown so much since I first started it in December 2006 and I guess I have grown along with it. I think I have gained more confidence from all the wonderful support I have been given by other bloggers too. Those same bloggers also inspire me and give me incentive to keep on posting. I LOVE blogging!

gypsy said...

Eden, It's interesting to see the transformation of your blog via looking at the banner! When I started blogging, I thought I'd write about parenting and creativity 50/50 but creativity has been more of the focus. Great post! ~ Tammy

Janet said...

I have so much trouble trying to get a banner and a background for my blog!! I'm not very techie and most of the time whatever I have on my blog stays for a long time because I don't know how to change it.

My blog has evolved quite a bit since I started it almost four years ago. Back then I barely knew what a blog was!

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