February 22, 2010

What I need to be creative….1 of 3


I’m breaking this piece up into three segments. Because if you’re anything like me, when you stop in you probably don’t want to read an Essay. Just a few paragraphs is usually the best for my attention span.

What I need to be creative. Or just to create!!


If you could view my blogger following list you’d see all the places blogs I’d like to visit. Every morning I always stop in and see what Tammy’s up to at Daisy Yellow. Sometime during the day, Janet will update her blog at Just Me and My Art and show us some of her beautiful Art journal pages or talk about an on-line class she’s taking. Throughout the day as the updates occur, I can’t bypass Aimee at Artsyville, or Sue at Sue Doodles. If I’m in need of a more charitable or grateful article, I’ll check out Christine’s blog at christinekane.com.

There are so many more blogs that I stop into on a weekly basis. Such as:

These blogs are my food! My main meal! My get the creative juices going from the posts insights, articles, eye candy and quotes. I feel like I know these people, really!!

2. Visual Stimuli


Other than the blogs mentioned above. I need visual stimuli!! And lots of it! Books and Magazines and more Books are my friends. Nothing compares to the Somerset Studios magazines out there. They publish an Art Journaling magazine, Artful Blogging magazine, Somerset Workshop magazine and many, many more. Check out your local bookstore like Barnes and Noble or Borders if you want to see more. When I’m traveling or don’t want to be on-line I always reach for my books or magazines.

And another huge visual stimuli for me is ……


Flickr. I love to go into my Favorites, then click on a member that left a comment, from there I’ll check out their photostream, I can’t leave until I’ve looked at their Favorites, too! It is an amazing people connection. I find things that have been uploaded to flickr years ago. Some pics were not even posted into any groups, which means I never would have come across them. I will go weeks without checking out my “groups” pages for their recent uploads because I’m getting my artsy fix by “Favorites” hopping!

Thanks for stopping by! Please stay tuned for part Two tomorrow.



Janet said...

Me, too! I also need all these things. If I didn't have all the fantastic blogs to visit each day I doubt if I would ever do any art. They all inspire me. And books....well, I can't live without books. They are my biggest addiction. Flickr is just plain fun. I can always spend way too much time on there!

Thanks so much for mentioning my blog and for saying such nice things about it. I appreciate it.

gypsy said...

The imagery really brings your ideas together, I can just feel the excitement and creative energy! It's wonderful that we can all inspire each other. I love food blogs especially those with fantastic photography. Yum.

lori vliegen said...

dittos on everything you've said....especially the food part!! thanks SO much for the lovely mention of my blog....what an honor it is to be included amongst such talented artists!! i've had such a great time looking at your doodle pages (your doodle alphabet is fabulous!!)! i hope you have a wonderfully creative week!! :)))

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