January 2, 2011

Where’s the Party?

In honor of the New Year and the amount of partying going on, I thought I’d draw a little bird living it up.

Darn it….I forgot to snap a picture before I started coloring away!!  I think it’s kind of fun to have a jpg of the birds in the coloring book stage cuz you never know when that might come in handy.

Nothing quite like a bird showing off her mid-drift, ehh?

Paris-the-Party-Animal……She will often go to as many as 10 parties in one evening.  It’s very important to her that she be seen having fun.  After all, she is a celebrity, she’s told.  The problem with all this party-hopping is she has no depth in any of her relationships.  But she has bragging rights.   However, the only people that really care about how many parties she attends are the Paparazzi.

Wow!!!  Is this a slam or what?  At least I haven’t seen her in the news lately, ad nauseum.  I enjoy a good party just like the next person……but she’s a little much!


rachel awes said...

oh eden, she is hilarious! i love how she sports her ring, & the shape of her pants,
& her middle rocks the party..every one of the ten! i send her a hip-bump! xoxox happy new year!

Deidra said...

That is so cute! I am in love with the disco ball. And your new header is wonderful!

Happy New Year!

Kelsey said...

Love the mid-drift, bwahahhaha!! And I agree, the disco ball is AWESOME.

aimee said...

and she is rocking those red shoes!! happy new year eden!

S.E.Minegar said...

you captured my evening perfectly...kidding! i too can't stop looking at the disco ball! thanks for the giggle.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE her stilettos! I'm stunned by how you colored the disco ball - I would NEVER have realized that it could all be reduced to shades of grey!!

Serena said...

LOVE her flares and shoes...she is certainly living it up! Nice work, Eden!

lori vliegen said...

well you've certainly started off the new year right......i LOVE this paris-no-depth-bragging-rights birdie!! i mean how can you go wrong with a 2011 tiara on your head, a glass of champagne in your hand, the most hip of hip-huggin' dancing pants, and a colorful doodle vest (or maybe it's the red high-heels that i'm really diggin'!)?!! and all whilst standing under a disco ball!! woo hoo......ring in the new year!!! and i'm wishing you a very happy, creative one, eden!!! xox, :))

chrissy said...

she rocks eden. happy new year dear.

Sherman said...

I'm stunned by how you colored the disco ball! Very nice... Happy New Year!

Sherman Unkefer

Heather said...

She is very snazzy! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Paris needs to get to the gym sometime soon! Such a clever girl are you

Eden said...

You guys are cracking me up!!! I think that we all must have a little "Paris" in us, cuz many of you liked those red stilletto's :D and doesn't that disco ball bring back memories??

@Sue, you'd think this girl could afford a personal trainer, wouldn't you???

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