January 6, 2011

2010 Accomplishments

Progress begins when I realize where I am falling short.
Quote above was written by Amber at Writing through life

An under-rated accomplishment that I learned this year were the colors of the Rainbow mnemonic!!  ROYGBIV…….the picture above only shows five of the Rainbow Colors: Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Violet….not shown are Yellow and Indigo

This post won’t have any art in it, other than the “art of photography”.  I do enjoy taking decent pictures, and absolutely love being able to see them right away!!  Yeah, Digital!!

I came across Hanna’s post where she wrote 86 creative things that she’s accomplished in 2010.  Eight-six…..my-oh-my….I could only think of 27 accomplishments myself.

MIND…..art, blog, writing
  1. Participated in 2011 Sketchbook Project
  2. Drew 31 Birds and posted them with stories about their little lives
  3. Made 22 Doodle Directory pages each containing 8 doodle patterns
  4. Made 2 sets of Alphabet Doodles both lower and upper case. (am considering a third set)
  5. Made 30 Doodle Name prints for family and friends
  6. Made 4 Art-inspired gifts thru Walgreens
  7. Signed up and participated in a Beginning Drawing class this summer
  8. Completed 4 composition journals (only words no art)
  9. Embroidered Cardinal for college auction
  10. Started a Floral Embroidery Wall Hanging…. that I MUST FINISH
  11. Wrote 134 Blog posts this year (Thank you Sister Whit for the syntax and grammar help)….had 65 blog posts in 2009.
  12. Hosted 2 Giveaways
  13. Hosted 1 Contest
  14. Entered 2 bookmarks into a Bookmark Contest
  15. Interviewed by Eileen Berger about blogging
  16. This blog has 175+ followers…..I’m so grateful for each and every one of you.  Just knowing that you stop by every now and then is a HUGE inspiration.  I have enjoyed reading all your encouraging, funny, and kind comments.  tHaNk YoU…ThAnK yOu
  17. Graphite Sketched from 6 pictures and drew to completion…..a first ***
BODY…..photography, health
  1. Photo Shoot for Hire x 2 (one with 4 children all under the age of 5…..now, that was interesting)
  2. Personal Photo Shoot of family member x1
  3. Created Photo Calendar for a relative.   (I do this every year, and I’m always pleased with the results.  But I never make one for myself!  Too many choices for me and I'll have issues with being overwhelmed)
  4. Gave up carbonated sodas…. trying to drink more H2O.
  5. Worked-out 241 days
  6. Joined Master’s Swimming
SPIRIT……family, friends, charity
  1. Traveled to see family 7 times (I find it important for my creative side to step out of my comfort zone and routine by traveling.  I don’t have to go to TimBuckToo to get benefits, sometimes just a change of scenery with loved ones is all that’s needed.)
  2. Preparing to launch child number 2 to college in 2011 (recruiter visits all done, Yeah!)
  3. Donated more $ to causes (firefighters, schools, hospitals, salvation army).  Charity starts at home!
  4. Friend-ing more people thru facebook….(still not sure what I think about it other than it being a public Bulletin board.  Great way to find out about weddings, babies, re-locations, and causes though)
If I am to live… A Good life….A Happy life… A Creative Life…. I must attend to my whole person.  Not just the physical, nor the mental, nor the artsy-side of me.  Our well-being encompasses all different parts.  They are intertwined and when one becomes misaligned then the whole person gets a little out of whack.   I’m striving for balance here.  I find that when I attend to my family and friends this gives me more confidence (fuel) for my art.  When I attend to my body and health,  I gain more stamina and I see things in a different perspective than if I hadn’t exercised at all.  When I attend to good reading, good books, learning new “techy” toys this keeps me on my toes.  Cuz my mind will think regardless, might as well give it a problem to solve or something to figure out!  Keeping up with technology keeps me more connected with my family, friends and kids.  I learn so much from the lives and thoughts of others.  Insert blog-surfing inspiration…. here!  And Spiritually…..if I only live for myself than what good am I????  It’s my belief in God and following the guidance he gives me that gives my life more meaning. 

How do you stay balanced?


Heather said...

What a great post. You have accomplished alot this year. Very good. When you look at it the way you just did. Your work is wonderful. And you worked out how many days??? I have to get more organized!

Kate said...

I found you from Pumpkin Delight. I love your site. I’m going to poke around a little bit, but don’t worry I’ll put everything back where I found it!!

Pat said...

That's a very impressive list of accomplishments! I hope 2011 is just as fabulous!

joe tulips said...

If you count each bird, doodle, alphabet, and gift, you have way more....You have been very creative...And don't forget all the inspiration you have given. Of course that is harder to count. Looking forward to a new year checking in!

Janet said...

Is that all you did last year? LOL! After reading your list of accomplishments I feel like a slacker!

iHanna said...

You know I don't have children right? You should also know I don't workout that much at all! Your list is perfect! GO Eden, go!

Anonymous said...

I think your list is fantastic! I just had fun looking through a few of your projects that you linked to and your doodles are so great and inspiring. This list itself is inspiring! Great job!

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