March 20, 2010

Charity Cardinal……..done!

I talked about this back in January in this post. My son has an auction for his university/fraternity in April. He’s one of the organizers, so when he gets excited about something, well….. then I get excited about it, too. He’s a contagious sort of kid young man.


I was unsure of what I wanted to do with my embroidered cardinal. I was thinking I’d make a little quilt, for a small bed or even a wall-hanging. Well, before I knew it…. January turned into February, and I hadn’t done anything with the quilt. Stuck, i was. And then project avoidance set in due to my indecision. I finally just settled on stapling the Cardinal quilt to a 24 x 24 artist’s Canvas Board. The nice thing about this option is I don’t have to actually quilt anything…..I can just do quilt tops, which is what I like to make anyway!! Only wish I knew then what I would end of doing cuz I would’ve sized up my squares for that dimension….. Ahhhh, c’est la vie!

If I can pull it off, I’ll embroider another cardinal and do another one similar to this by April 18th. Heck, I’ve got material left, even some squared rows! We’ll see……

As you can see from this picture, the way I stapled this piece to the board has made a little sway in my fabric! Ugh, must try and remedy. If any of you have any suggestions as to unswaying the left side, please post! I’m thinking I should dampen it and adjust it wet, but I don’t want to induce any wrinkles either!!


zMasquerade said...

heyyy, if you hadnt stapled the left bottom too far out then maybe you should just take out the staple on the left and adjust it up. staple the bottom first, then the top, cause the error on red is more obvious. get someone to hold it on the other end.=) just a suggestion, i hope it's helpful.

Serena said...

It looks great! I would suggest the same as zMasquerade to try and correct the sway.

Btw, guess what arrived in the mail today???!!! prize from you!!! Thank you so much! I'm so thrilled to have a piece of your wonderful art! xo

Eden said...

I think you're right zMasquerade....I'm just afraid that I may tear the material if I take the staple out! I used those big upholstery staples in my staple gun! I think that if I do it carefully it just may work :)

Yeah! Serena, so glad you got my card!

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