March 23, 2010

Feeling much better……thank you


Olga- the sick bird….Even though she feels awful, she still wants to color-coordinate. She tries to keep up with her responsibilities until she can fall into bed a little earlier than usual.

I have almost gone 18 months without a cold. Then whoa!! I got hit! So, to celebrate my 18 month victory against the rhinovirus monster, I drew another little birdie. She’s holding a kleenex (even though it looks like a piece of paper. Note To Self: must work on droopy paper drawings).

So, I laid real low yesterday! Tried not to talk much. Why is it every cold I get goes directly into my voice-box? Granted I get a lot of sympathy because I sound “just awful”. Really, I sound much worse than I feel.

And Spring is here! Finally! So I’m going to send a little shout out to you all to keep yourselves Healthy & Happy!!


Elena said...

Hope you feel better. Love this bird & the slippers. And admire that you're still creating while feeling ill.

Serena said...

I hate that blocked up feeling with cold or makes me feel miserable. I hope you feel better real soon, Eden. Cute illustration!

gypsy said...

Eden, Sorry to hear you are enduring a cold; we are just getting through that in our house as well. At least I can still draw.... Tammy

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