March 22, 2010

Art inspires

Art Stack

I’m having one of those days. A day that I really don’t want to try too hard! I want to watch, I want to feed my visual monster! I just want to gaze upon the works of others and make sense of it. I wonder how they did that? What makes this piece more interesting than the other piece? Is it the colors used? The white space inherent in the picture? The idiosyncrasy, the breaking of the rules that I follow?

Art!!! It really can’t be boxed in, can it? It is before us, with us and beyond us. It inspires and moves us! It works with the senses, mainly the visual and the hearing as in music. But also the mind and emotions as in good writing. It needs to have it’s place in our life or we wouldn’t feel complete. Imagine not seeing anything of beauty, hearing anything that moves you to Tears or to Dance. Or even tickles your funny bone. I think without Art we’d be robots, just merely a walking p.c.! How Utterly Horrid! I think Art inspires us to be better people! It resonates with our human-ness. I also think there is ART in love. We remember it most clearly in new love. Be it a love relationship or new baby. But isn’t there a certain ART to showing you care, to your spouse? Your family? Your friends? People you just plain like for no known reason.

How does Art manifest in your life that you didn't expect?


lori vliegen said...

oh, i SO is huge, and i don't think i'll ever have enough time to explore every little nook and cranny of it!! thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts! and, your cardinal turned out fabulously!!! :))

gypsy said...

So eloquently written, Eden. I now look for beauty, juxtaposition, patterns, colors, shapes, everywhere I go. Art and beauty help us remember that there is good in the world; an emotional break from the evil that we hear of every day. A surprise is the more art I do, the more creative I feel. Ideas grow more ideas, rather than using the ideas up. I hope that makes some sense.

Thank you for sharing!

Mandy said...

A beautiful post. Thank you for sharing. Right now, I'm taking a break from cutting up a bunch of bright vegetables, and I was finding great art in the midst of all those colors and textures.

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