January 24, 2011

Etsy Shop Open…..


I am stoked!  Just StOkEd to be able to offer you guys these Doodle Directory Index prints.  I set up the shop last week, thanks to all your wonderful suggestions from my giveaway post.  It’ll be a little bit of a learning curve for me as I navigate my way around the site.  Please, bear with me.

To  check out my Etsy Shop , click here.

I’ve changed the format from 8 doodles per print to 6 because it was bugging me that the 4x6 was chopping off some of the end doodles.  I’m offering 3 different sets.  Each set will include 10 prints with 6 doodle designs per print.  So that’s 60 designs per set.  If you purchase the entire collection (SET 1-3) you will receive 180 designs.  Buying multiple sets entitles you to a discount. 

Pricing List:
  • 1 Set-   $8.99   (10 prints)
  • 2 Sets- $14.99  (20 prints)
  • 3 Sets- $18.99  (30 prints)
Because you guys are the inspiration for all this….I’m giving a DISCOUNT CODE  ETSY10, (this code will expire Jan 31, 2011).   10% off your purchase.  So, that’ll break down to $8.09, $13.49, and $17.09, plus shipping and handling.  I will be making more directory pages, once I have 60 more designs, then I can offer you a 4th set!!  Woo-who!! 

In each order I will give out 2 Instruction prints (see picture above: the Aa print and the one with the sun). Thanks to Eileen for this suggestion.

I currently have 2 full sets in my shop and will restock as needed.  Please email me or start an etsy conversation with me if you have any questions.

NEW Format  4x6 Print pictured above.


SET 1 (above)……includes 10 4x6 glossy prints


SET 2 (above)……includes 10 4x6 glossy prints


SET 3 (above)……includes 10 4x6 glossy prints

I hope these prints help you get started on your way to creating your own fancy, fun and fulfilling doodle designs.  They are quite addictive, if you can’t already tell!  LOL!


Liberty said...

Eden this is wonderful! I'm so glad you took the plunge into Etsy :)

Darnita said...

Eden, congratulations! I think your prints will be selling like hotcakes. They are so beautiful and vibrant.

S.E.Minegar said...

Yay! Way to go. Nice shop!

Heather said...

Congrats Eden! That is very exciting! A new adventure!

stART said...

Excellent! Congratulations, Eden, and may your shop bloom and grow!

rachel awes said...


gypsy said...

I missed this post!!! Your doodle prints are wonderful, bright and cheerful and will look lovely on an inspiration board! Best wishes for your new endeavor, Eden!!!

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