February 1, 2011

Still at it….


I’m about half-way thru with set 4 of the Doodle Directory….it’s getting a little complicated, because I don’t want to repeat any previous patterns…..it is amazing how just one or two different line additions can change the whole look of a pattern. 


When doodle directory inspiration is asleep.  I'll work on my alphabet.


My absolute favorite part of doodling is when it’s in this stage…..roughed in….not colored in all the way.  It’s here that I have to force myself to not just grab my favorite colors to work with…and try to work with other color combos…and sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised!  


Since the Sharpies and the Bic’s are all waterproof and permanent….I thought it would be fun to actually draw on cotton…..Have to use my widest nib markers here because that cotton is real thirsty. 


This is very s.l.o.w……going…..That cotton likes to wiggle as I apply the ink…Ugh!!  Possibly I just need to actually use “fabric-friendly” markers…..but I don’t want that pudgy stuff or shiny ink.  I do like the way this looks once dried.

For some further encouragement to “try this at home”, you’ve got to check out this lady- Alisa Burke and see what she does with fabric design.  I think I found who I want to be when I grow up! LOL!

Have you tried decorating clothes?  What’s your experience?  Is there a good brand of fabric markers that I should consider?  …..do tell…… :)


Serena said...

Wonderful doodles, Eden...I think you are an inspiration. I love Alisa Burke's sketch books!

Julia Christie said...

Are you going to offer these directories for sale? Cause I LOVE EM!!! I could just look at your work all day!


Anita Van Hal said...

LOVE them! I'm sure this set will be for sale soon? Hint HINT! I have a set of Zig writers or something like that, a set of 48 colors...they're pigment markers and work wonderfully on fabric...not all fabric markers are dimensional! I know what you mean...you don't want puffy paints! I think Pitt pens would work as well! Keep up the gorgeous work!!! Hugs! (I LOVE Alisa's workshops...they're awesome!)

Rebecca Anthony said...

These doodles look amazing, I love the look on the fabric too! Graet idea!

suzanne cabrera said...

Your line work is absolutely incredible Eden. Love it.

craftypants said...

Have you considered ironing freezer paper onto the back of the fabric before drawing, it helps to stop the shifting under the nib.

Eden said...

Thanks so much for your kind words....these are sure fun to make!

@craftypants....I love your suggestion, I will try that ASAP!!

@Julia....Yes, the doodle directory is for sale. My etsy shop link is in the sidebar, and
here it is too....http://www.etsy.com/shop/DrawDoodleDecorate

ArtfulLee Designed said...

Great idea Eden. Never thought to doodle on clothes, what a way to transform a piece for bland to extraordinary.

joe tulips said...

I was going to suggest the freezer paper too! It really helps me anyway. Hope it is helping for your project. I have only painted on t-shirts and I didn't feel very successful with that. I shall learn more through you!

gypsy said...

Eden, I love seeing the evolution of the doodle directory. How cool that you are selling the directory in your shop! The only fabric drawing we've done is with raised fabric paint. And while it's cool like you I'd prefer flat. Cheers!

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