February 15, 2011

Child Prodigy

Wow!!  Two sketches in one month…..I guess I enjoy sketching.

I found this picture on Flickr (taken by NessieNoodle) the other day, and it reminded me of my Mural drawing that I did a few months ago (because of the chalk board and the view from behind).  I thought this little guy was pretty cute. Since I knew I needed to draw more clothes, practice drawing folds and material better,  I thought I’d give this a shot.

Lots of folds to practice with on his jacket.

Probably the folds are a little “too dramatic” here…..ah well….that’s why I’m doing this.  Yep, still training my eye and my hand.

If you look closely, you can see where I outlined the figure with my .005 Sakura Micron pen. 

And to make this sketch interesting I thought I’d make this little guy a Mathematical Genius.  Here he is solving complex Calculus and Differential Equation problems!!  And to think he’s still in diapers!  My, oh my, he’s way ahead of his peers! 

Don’t we all look at our kids this way, especially when they are young like this?  Don’t we wonder who they will become and secretly hope they are the Brightest?  Fastest?  Best?  But they are who they are (just like us parents)…..not so perfect, but probably a little better grounded than if they really were some Child Prodigy.

Just my humble opinion….since I’ve never even met a Child Prodigy!  LOL!!…..I’d be really curious though


Janet said...

I love the mathematical equation you added to the blackboard! That makes it perfect. I think you're doing such amazing pencil work....the draping and folds of the clothing look great to me. Perfection!!!

Anonymous said...

I think the real genius is you! This is such a fantastic piece of art! It seriously made me smile! Love your humour! and your skill!

have a great day, hope it's sunny there for you....cause it sure is here!

ciao bella
Creative CArmelinA

gypsy said...

I'm impressed with the detail in the folds and shadows, even if you think they are overdone! I like that you went beyond the original drawing to add the fun details like math equations!

lori vliegen said...

actually, i think YOU'RE the (child) prodigy here......wow, eden!!! you are my "sketched-folds-in-the-fabric" hero!! absolutely magnificent! and how you make me smile with your mathematical equation.......you rock, girl! xox

Julia Christie said...

This is amazing! You are so very talented, makes me want to try to sketch some clothes...I have a hard time with shadows and folds.

Great drawing!


stART said...

This is a beautiful sketch! I am quite delighted with the enthusiastic child and love the way you altered the board to reflect a different reality... a very successful drawing!

rachel awes said...

eden prodigy!
(crazy talent/you!!!)

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