February 24, 2011

Doodle Directory Set 4


I just finished Set 4 of my Doodle Directory.  I’ve got them all printed out and ready to go!  I made up a couple little IDEA prints to go out with anyone that orders a set.  Hopefully this will be just what is needed to kick start your doodling!  Because we all know what it feels like to sit there….finally have some time to play….and stare at an empty page.  Yep, been there before! 


These are so addictive to make and use…. really!  I can’t help myself but to color them in.  I’m growing quite used to these 4x6 index prints.  They are great for you “Grab-n-Go” types.  I’ve spent many an hour (or 2,3,4) at a sporting event or in a car pool line, and sometimes my brain is done reading!  You see….I’m not the best person at dealing with boredom!  I can’t stand it and it can’t stand me!!  Feelings are mutual!  The best thing about these prints are, I don’t have to be plugged in, powered up, or pilfering thru a design book to find inspiration!  They fit right inside the pocket of my 5x8 moleskine.  So, I always have them with me.  Bliss!

Oh, before I forget…..I’m running a sale….25% off the prints….So that breaks down to:

Pricing List:
  • 1 Set-   $8.99  (10 prints)    SALE $6.74
  • 2 Sets- $14.99  (20 printsSALE $11.24
  • 3 Sets- $18.99  (30 printsSALE $14.24
  • 4 Sets- $21.99  (40 prints)  SALE $16.49
*price does not include shipping

Just remember to use code DOODLE25.  Code will expire March 1.

My SHOP link is… Here
The SET 4 link is…Here


rachel awes said...

oh dear eden,
you could doodle directory your way
into a whole book about this.
each of your numbered directories above could be a whole chapter!

Rebecca Anthony said...

These are really incredible, I will have to head over to your shop soon!!

ArtfulLee Designed said...

I just love your doodle directory, so handy when you can't think of anything off the top of your head. I am with you and boredom, I always have to have something to do even if it is at the ad breaks while watching my favourite tv shows

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