February 27, 2011

Say Cheese…again

Well, I got the other two smiles done.  I think this was a good exercise in imitating the picture dimensions.  I like that I only worked with half the face.  I can see so many things now that I’m through that aren’t quite right.  Why do I only see them at the “completion” phase?  Sure would be better if I could see it earlier, when I am still working the picture.  Possibly, because I’m concentrating on other things; such as getting the shading right (you know making it 3D).


This one was more difficult than I thought it was going to be….after all I didn’t have to draw teeth!  But that chin just perplexed me time and time again.  It’s another picture of a head with a slight turn.  Which I can’t seem to see correctly.  This was the first time I have done a mustache and I pretty much just winged it!

The pictures resemble who they are but, I can see so many little tweaks that would make the drawing more accurate.


I had to go back to the colored version for the male drawing.  I just couldn’t see where to shade if I didn’t.

I think I’ll do the eyes and foreheads of these same images next…….then I’ll cut them up and tape them together!  Just Kidding!!

I’m ready for some color now!!  I need a no-brainer activity.


Serena said...

I hate drawing teeth...my hat is off to you. Nice work, Eden!

Rebecca Anthony said...

Well done, very impressive work Eden!!

Eileen Bergen said...

Excellent! The mustache must have been a challenge.

Seeing the smiles all on one page made me think of those flip books we had a kids where you try different lips or eyes or chin one one face. The results could have us laughing for hours.

ArtfulLee Designed said...

I wish I could draw faces that well Eden, I think you have done a wonderful job. And I like the idea of the foreheads mismatched with the bottom halves. That would be funny

Eden said...

Ahhh, thanks guys for all your nice comments.

@Eileen- I love those books! That would be a real hoot to take different feature from each family member to create a whole new person. Ahh, just think of all the different combinations :D

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