February 4, 2011

Sketch Parade


I have been “itchin-to-sketch” since I haven’t sketched anything since I sketched my daughter’s Senior
portrait in early December.  Imagine that….me wanting to sketch!

I found a picture of a swimmer in flight on the internet.  Since I’ve been in or around pools almost my entire life, I thought I could pull this off (swimmers are what I’m comfortable with).  Plus…..faces are H.A.R.D !

I had to show you how I always want to make the people I draw a little skinnier….the lower picture is more accurate because it’s been thickened up.

Check out this little white-stubby-pencil like thing.  It’s just wrapped paper, and it’s super good for blending, much better than kleenex (which has a tendency to leave little white specks behind…joy!)

I think I figured it out…..blending is the name of the game!!  Put your graphite down in areas where it’s suppose to be dark….then just start blending.   This isn’t a good example of blending because the above pic hasn’t been blended too much.

Oh, No!! Hands…..two of them…..this is not going to be fun!!

I used 111 lb. Heavyweight Medium texture drawing paper for this…..and it still shows that darn stippling.  My DH thinks it makes it more interesting…..but it bugs me!


I enjoyed sketching the cap and goggles, the crease lines aren’t exact but I like it like this.

I think I’ll attempt the pool in the background, but not as a sketch.  I’d really like to use watercolor pencils for this portion, but this paper could not handle it…..Ugh!!  I’m showing this to you now, before I’ve finished it because if I totally mess up the background at least I’ve got this documented. LOL!!

Thanks for watching the parade-of-pictures here!!  How would you draw the background?


Ildiko said...

wow Eden...perfect sketch!!
still i miss that little light spark on her left leg.it is a bit confusing withouth it.it looks like the shadow of her right leg.but it is only an opinion...
i have no idea how i would draw the background..you'll figure out i'm sure..you rock!

Liberty said...

holy guacamole Eden... you always blow my mind with your sketching ability and this one, I think, tops them all.
This is incredible!
background.... it's hard to know what to do.
it could go one way of having a very simple pencail crayon shaded background that doesn't detract from the swimmer at all... or the other way of having a bold, colourful marker background that could make the swimmer more dramatic by contrast.

if it were me, I may play in photoshop first to see what look i liked, pasting previous backgrounds behind the swimmer and seeing how it looks.

Chel said...

HOLY SMOKES! I am so in awe of this! WOW!!

Janet said...

You are doing fantastic with your sketching! As for the background, you could always do a background with watercolors on another kind of paper and then cut out this sketch and add it to the background. I'm sure you'll think of something.

Julia Christie said...

This turned out great! Love the shading - really incredible! I think your daughter's portrait turned out really well too!


rachel awes said...

i love all you are diving into
(this illustration is AMAZING)
& your handman below is
adorrrrrrable as usual, dear!

Barbara said...

Eden you're a genius! I don't even know how to sketch but would love to learn sometime. I like what you did with the swimmer.

Hugs XX

Eden said...

Thanks guys for your kind comments and suggestions about the background :)

@lldiko- you are so right about the foot, I should've lightened up the top of the back foot....I think I forgot....or most likely I got lazy!

@Libby- you are so smart to suggest photoshop to see what I like....I never think of things like that!

Pat said...

This is pretty amazing and you totally rocked the blending! I really enjoyed seeing the progression from start to finish.

stART said...

I've always loved hyper-realistic pencil sketching; why is it so fascinating? You may have taken a break from it but you certainly haven't lost an ounce of skill. Great job!

Eileen Bergen said...

Beautiful, Eden. Your blending really brings her to life. You have major talent! Sincerely ...

Deidra said...

WOW! That is absolutely amazing! And it was wonderful to see it taking shape along the way. Stunning!

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