February 6, 2011

If I may….

If I may:
  • Make a prediction
  • Cast my ballot
  • Cheer on my team
  • Whistle while I work
Since the Chicago Bears aren’t going to the Super Bowl, I had to pick another team and it wasn’t going to be Pittsburgh (sorry, Steeler fans). 

To honor the Big Day, I thought I’d draw another bird.

There was a lot of white space in this drawing.  I thought it would be fun to put a bunch of people in there to watch the game…..after all it is the Super Bowl, you know.

Doing some “mixed media” here, by adding watercolor pencils to the marker drawing.

Rodgers the no-longer Relief Quarterback…….his DREAM is coming true, he’s playing in the Super Bowl AND he’s the starting quarterback.  He’s finally able to show what he’s made of, and it’s been developing over years and years of hard work and unbelievable determination!  He’s not just here on looks, or raw talent….this guy is smart.  It’ll be one heck of a memorable day, no matter what the outcome!

Should be interesting to see how this plays out….but I really must confess, I think I’ll be more entertained by the commercials!  LOL!


Rebecca Anthony said...

This is great Eden!! It's funny we just moved here to Wisconsin and not only did we just have the blizzard of the century but we are also going to the Superbowl(O: I'm looking forward to a great day and your drawing was such a bonus, thank you for sharing!!

Rebecca Anthony said...

by the way we're not actually physically going to the Superbowl but our new team is(O: (just to clarify)

Eden said...

Thanks Rebecca.....And I did think you were going to Super Bowl....you were one lucky girl for a minute there :D :D

Eileen Bergen said...

I'm Wisconsin born and bred. Good choice, Eden! Go Packers!!!!

aimee said...

your doodle did the trick nicely! that was a fun game to watch last night!

Terri Kahrs said...

Your awesome drawing brought the Packers a lot of luck! I'm THRILLED for Rodgers!!! Go, Pack, Go!!!! Hugs, Terri

Anonymous said...

I think this drawing is just too cute!

And I went through your last post...wow!
Look at you go with your smudging stump tool!
I love it, the stages...and as far as the colored background goes...you could use tole paint...or fill it in with strips of collage paper bits!
Or cut the diver out and paste her onto a watercolor painted background!

You won't ruin it, whatever you do!
Hope you share the results!

Ciao Bella!
Creative Carmelina

rachel awes said...

oh eden, you are hilarious...
somehow THOSE legs are holding this packer up!
happy valentines day to you!

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