February 21, 2011

Say “Cheese”

First, grab your favorite Graphite Pencils (for me they are F, HB, 8B, 6H), Erasers, Ruler and Brush…..Take some pics of your family…Yes…make them smile!

Then start drawing…..


I removed the color from the pictures and printed them out…(just fast draft).  By removing the color it helps to see the slight variations in the grays.

It was pretty tough to get the shading on the back teeth here….but I did my best!

Pulled in another toothy smile to sketch here.

This kid never needed braces, which made me happy!

Little overview here….The teeth could be toned down a bit.  These remind me of those little Dental Pamphlets you see at the Dentist’s office, when they want you to try some new product.  Which will make your teeth THIS WHITE!! …..Oh-evie!

I have two more smiles to do.  I like breaking down the face in this way….not so darn overwhelming! 

This is fun, you should try it sometime.  I think all my doodling and birdie drawings have helped me to learn to draw better.  It’s gotten me to use my tools.  Which has helped me to get familiar with my hand mechanics and the limits of the pencils/pens…..Obviously, still have a long way to go.  Have to work on what I'm seeing, all those little dimensions!

Sometimes I forget how easy it is to just put on a smile….I am more drawn to the smiley types, aren’t you?

Smile and the world smiles with you!


melydia said...

I always have so much trouble with toothy smiles. They always end up looking gap-toothed and/or semi-psychotic. I'm still working on convincing, natural smiles.

Julia Christie said...

What a great post. I have been thinking lately of doing this with fotos and eyes and lips just to practice different features on different people...I will have to do it!


Chel said...

WOW- GREAT post! It's so inspiring how you are able to bounce from color and pattern and doodling to these incredible works in black and white. I tend to narrow myself so much when working. This inspires me to branch out more.

Janet said...

You are so brave to take on teeth! I never ever do a smile with teeth because I can't get them to look right....but you did a fantastic job.

Rebecca Anthony said...

I agree with Janet, teeth are one of those things. Very brave my friend and REALLY well done!!

Eden said...

Thanks guys!! I still have a long way to go on these teeth and mouths!

@Julia- I hope you do a sketch like this (breaking it down) and I bet you'll SURPRISE yourself!! I've seen what you can do :D

@Chel- I get bored easily, that's why I go between different types of drawings...I also think they enhance each other. And you have branched out lots! Ceramic beads, photography, painting :D

young-eclectic-encounters said...

I agree with with your whole post and a great post it was. I have seen my drawing skills improve much faster since I have started doodling and I learned a long time ago about separating and practicing individual sections of faces from the book 'Drawing Realistic Faces' by Parks. I got so good at getting expression in eyes that I had offers to buy my sketchbook just for the eye sketches. I still have problems with noses though. Thanks so much for your post

Eileen Bergen said...

You're really an inspiration, Eden. I need to improve my drawing skills. Seeing what you are doing is nudging me along. Thank you.

Serena said...

I find teeth hard to draw but you have done an excellent job here, Eden...nice work!

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