March 7, 2011

Are you Excited about your Art?


  Image from Keri Smith; go

It was time that I actually did an Art Journal page.  I really enjoyed doing my Psychodelic and Notes and a Doodle pages and these pages give me a chance to use my doodle directory!

I thought I’d write out the above statements about How to be Miserable as an Artist, which has been seen around the blogosphere for awhile.  I think that these statements apply to more people than just those who make Art, it applies to everyone.  However,  I really don’t like the negative tone of these statements, so I thought I’d turn it around.

I limited myself to 6 little flower petals.


Just playing with color combinations and pattern here.

So, I changed the whole concept from “How to be Miserable as an Artist” to “How to feel Excited about your Art”.

Just a pic of my 5x8 watercolor moleskine with the completed page.  The pic below is scanned.


How to feel excited about your Art:
  1. Never compare your work with others.
  2. Keep quiet about your Art, don’t expect others to see your vision, your way.
  3. Your entire career is never based on a single piece.
  4. Go out on a limb and try new things.
  5. Value your experiences.
  6. Push your boundaries even societal ones.
  7. Don’t just follow the money, you’ll burn out.
  8. Work on what you love, never mind if others like it.
  9. Work on something besides what your Boss wants.  (Boss used here as Customer, Client, Gallery Owner)
  10. Realize it’s all just Baby Steps, Baby Steps, Baby Steps.
I’m sure you guys have a few other things that help you to create.  Or you’ve found yourself too concerned with things or people outside of your control.  Eeek!  I’d love to hear some of your insights.


melydia said...

It's from Keri Smith, author of Wreck This Journal:

That's a lovely page. Very inspiring. I should go draw... :)

Eileen Bergen said...

Very cool. I would love to hang that on the wall in my studio!

iHanna said...

Great colourful doodle and great list of things to think about to become a more happy/ excited artist. You could do this as a printble poster if you scan it. I like it!

jp said...

We must be related! The glass is always half full.

I remember my fifth grader coming home rejected with a MINUS 15 on a United States map test. He had every tiny little east coast state correctly identified and missed the big ones. I pointed out to him he really had a PLUS 35. He quickly learned the 15 remaining.

Always look to the positive. I still wonder why a teacher would use a negative grade?

Terri Kahrs said...

Love #4 and #8! GREAT page with superb advice!!! Hugs, Terri

Julia Christie said...

Wonderful page and very sage advice! I love your art!!


Anonymous said...

What size journal is this?

Eden said...

Thanks for your nice comments!

@melydia- I have given credit to Keri Smith now, thanks!

@Hanna- I am hearing alot about posters, I may just have to see what I can do, thanks :D

@Anonymous- I adore the Moleskine Watercolor journals, they are 5 x 8 inches. Perfect to take with you anywhere.

Chel said...

OUCH - that Keri Smith list hit a little too close to home! For years I have been trying to convince myself that the way to become a REAL artist is to make something my father would appreciate. It's probably time to stop!

I LOVE your version so very much- definitely a list to follow and keep close to heart!

Serena said...

This is fantastic, Eden! I like how you turned it into to positives.

Anonymous said...

I like the visual a lot and really appreciate the message of the post

Claudine Intner said...

Love this post! Thank you!

lori vliegen said...

you always take lemons and make the most fabulous, positive, colorful glass of lemonade! i love your approach here, eden......bravo, girlfriend!! magnificent artwork!! xox

young-eclectic-encounters said...

What a creative,inspirational, colorful post. I certainly like your version better. I have found on my photography site where we leave comments on each others photos that I learn more from being told what I am doing right so I try to do the same for those that I leave comments for. I have found that to be the general philosophy of the site and enjoy it very much and have grown as a photographer because of it. I have also found support from many new friends on the internet who have supported me with positive comments and suggestions. Finding loving positive support is great. Your blog with it's wisdom is one place I come for that support. Thanks for sharing
Johnina :^A

Phoenix Peacock said...

ooooooo I am in love with this!!

suzanne cabrera said...

Lovely reminders...beautiful product!

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