December 12, 2009

Christmas in Kentucky


I finally got the tree up, and the Santa Quilt, and put out my Christmas decorations. The new Ikea furniture takes up the entire back wall, which was where we usually put the tree. This room has 3 entrances, so we decided to block off the hallway entrance by the basement door. I like it here. I made this Santa Quilt in 04, i think! But I never knew what to do with it. I couldn’t throw it on the back of the couch because the Santa’s would be walking sideways. It’s a rather lightweight quilt so I just thumb-tacked it to the wall. Hey, it was easy, and it works for me, why not? Don’t tell the quilt police though!!! LOL!!


Another view of the tree and of the fireplace! I adore our Christmas stockings and wouldn’t know where to begin to make one of these myself. We have a total of 6 (guess I should’ve had 2 more kids!! ) Four were made by my DH’s sister (2 not shown) and the two in the middle were made by my Great-Aunt. She even knitted the names of the kids at the top!! Talk about talent!!! How in the world do you figure that out????


I obviously have a thing for Nutcrackers! Why? I don’t know, but I have always loved them and to me they symbolize Christmas. I love that there are so many different kinds and designs and nutcracker people out there.


And of course no Christmas decorating would be complete without displaying the reason for the season. Our nativity is completely white and very simple, but I love it.

And these are most of the wrapped pkgs that I must get out into the mail (UPS of course) by Monday. My self-imposed goal. Usually I’m standing in line on the 23rd paying the exuberant fees to mail out packages to our dear families in (Chicago, Pensacola, Newport and Iowa). Not this year!


A couple other hand-made gifts which I adore. The one on the right was made by that same DH’s sister. She used perforated paper and cross-stitched this. There are 2 more ornaments not shown that hang off of the strand that Santa is holding.

And the hallway view of our tree, with a rather pouchy hand-made Santa, made by that same sister-in-law. She can make anything I tell you, Anything!! I like him here, it’s like he’s greeting us!

What Christmas decoration do you find you have a lot of? What Christmas decorations make you smile when you pull them out year after year?

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Whitney said...

Gorgeous! Beautiful! It makes me want to hop on a plane and see it for myself right now!

Janet said...

Your home looks warm and I could walk in, sit down and chat with you.

Eden said...

Thanks you two!! Whit your room is ready :D

Gina said...

It looks all so bright and cheerful. Love your stocking!
Vintage garland and the kids previous handmade ornaments make me smile.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, it all looks wonderful. So very pretty. (and clean - wow!) Have to say our house is minimal, but with no kids it's not quite the same I guess.

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