January 1, 2012

Alphabet Doodles…half way

When you work in a profession that never closes….and it’s your turn to work the Holiday….and you have to be there at 5 in the morning.  You learn to delay gratification and celebrate on your own time-line.   Just more fun that way!

So, this is the way I spent the last night of the year.  Works for me…for us!  And it’s a good thing I can sleep thru the hooting and hollering that will occur at midnight!  I’ve been known to sleep thru hurricanes as well! 

I’ve completed more than half of the alphabet.  If you look closely, you’ll spot the two “H’s”.  I guess I forgot my alphabet song when I got to the K.  So typical!

Hope you all had a nice New Year’s transition, however you chose to spend it.


gypsy said...

Wonderful line work inside your letters, and how funny that you drew two H's! I actually left a letter out of a word I painted last year and no-one noticed. You could actually scan the letters and use them to create words! I spent NYE painting art journal pages, super happy evening too. Happy New Year, Eden.

Anonymous said...

I have a book of letters like this (your letter are better)for my students. They love to trace the letters to spell out things during free time. You could definitely turn it into a drawing book. I would buy it for my students. ( I am an art teacher0.

Eden said...

Thank you and I really should get my act together in that way! Good to know it would be useful :)

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