December 31, 2011

2011 Creative Accomplishments

I can’t think of a better time to review what I’ve done this year than on the last
day of the year.  I did a blog-review last year and was quite surprised with what it revealed.

I.  Drawing:

1. 10 Sketches
Sketch Comp

Dancer , Mime, Smiles, En Pointe, Sep 11, Diver, Tennis, Paddleboard, Prodigy, Swimmer.

I have no inclination to sketch animals!! Don’t know why, possibly I’m turned off by all that hair. Haha!

2.   19 Birds…plus personalities!!

Bird Comp

Zander, Zelda, Zach, Zamora, Louis, Alan, Fred, Henry, Donna, TV Tots, Keira, Judy, Rodgers, Goldie, Libby, Jen, Paris, Vicki, Patsy

3.  Two Gnomes

Gnome Comp

Gnoah and Gnick.  Fun ones that started as a gift for a friend.  At least they aren’t birds! Haha

II.  Art Journal:

4.   Art Journal Pages


Excited Art, Angel, Vegas, Shaped, Journal Jots, Who Says, Prep Page One, Prep Two, Marilyn Monroe, Prep Three

5.   Watercolor Marker Doodles


Waterdoodle One , Two, Three, Fabulous Flowers, Flower Power


6.   Doodle Directory
  • Set 4  (60 doodle squares)
  • Set 5 (60 doodle squares)

7.   Doodle Letters


I’ve done few more letters, but it would’ve made this Composition lop-sided. 


8.   17 Diptych Posts-

Partnered up with Chel at and we completed 17 weeks of dual dyptych posts.  Loved it and Thank You Chel!


I’ve realized you’ve got to have guts to be a photographer….especially if you want some decent shots….You have to put yourself out there…excuse the intrusion, smile, and pretend you know what you are doing!

9.   “He Who Must Not Be Named” travel shots


To get these shots….you really have to be in the mood!!  I try to totally ignore the strange looks and have some fun.

10.   Colorful Shots


These are my favorite type of shots…..Color….And Lots Of It!!

*pretty proud of the glass bottles pic, made the EXPLORE list on Flickr for Jan 5, 2011.


11.   123 Posts  (last year I did the Sketchbook project and I think that made me post more)

12.   12 Blog Banners (changed the banner each month)


13.   3 Blog Give-aways  (Jan, May, Sept)

14.   Etsy Shop Opened late January


15.   New Blog at squarespace



16.   Guest Room Prints from Blog Friend Rachel @

17.   Camera Bag Decorating

18.   Deck

19.   Study

I bet you guys would find that you’ve done a lot of creative stuff too.  I think documenting it helps keep me on track with my progress.  It also helps me remember something I haven’t yet done but would like to do in the future. 

Here’s to 2011 and I hope everyone has a Wonderful 2012!!


jinxxxygirl said...

Whew!! You did do alot of stuff! I hadn't realized! My favs........not that you the picture of the glass bottles, everytime i see it it just brightens my day. LOVE the gnomes, especiall the little guy with his hands behind his back. LOVE LOVE LOVE your watercolor/marker doodle flowers.Yum! And i always enjoy a viist with you. I haven't added your new blogspace to my blogroll yet i keep coming here and using the link to get there. Need to fix that. Have a Happy New Year Girl! Hugs! deb

Eden said...

Happy New Year to you TOO, Deb!! I think accountability helps me to be productive! I really appreciate your kind comments about the watercolor/marker flowers and the glass! Made my day :D

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