September 2, 2011

I feel like a grown-up


I’m not a dining-room girl, nor am I a living-room girl……I’m a Home-Office girl.  I feel so grown up in here.  I’ve waited a long time for this and now I have it.  It’s nice cuz it’s right in the hub of everything.  I can even watch a slight sliver of TV from the next room too.  It works while I’m cooking (or pretending to) cuz I can jump up to the sound of the kitchen timer and take care of business there.  I just feel so darn lucky. 


I love this IKEA chair.  It matches my teak wood and it was really easy to cover the chair bottom and make the white apron on the top portion.   I really should do the other 5 chairs this way.  The plan is, to do each chair with a different animal.  I like the red and green look, so I’ll keep that color scheme.


Oh….and to keep me grounded my DH (dear husband), displays this for me to see each day! Too funny!


I’m a container person too!  And I have a thing for shelves.  Haha


You always have to have a chair in the study, afterall…..where will the guests sit?


I’m a slacker, I mean stacker!  I really should call an organizational coach in, and she could straighten me out.


This printer has got to be 8 years old.  It’s the best!  An Hp product that scans, prints and copies.  I’ve thought about getting a bigger scanner, but geez… can I justify it if this one has been so darn loyal?


You can never have too many drawers!!  Gotta love those plastic 6 drawer carts!!  I sure do!


Since I have to reference images on the computer a lot while drawing, this extension to the side of the monitor works great.


What really makes it feel like home is, I’m surrounded not only by my favorite people (in pictures), but I have a place to display my sketches.  Just these little things that mean so much.


They say all good things come to those that wait.


Jp said...

I cannot find my picture.

Chel said...

I LOVE it! It looks really cozy (in a good way) but roomy, too. And the light looks lovely!

lori vliegen said...

LOVED seeing your work space, my little stacker friend!! i can see why you're so creative with all of your favorite things around you.....makes such a huge difference!! congrats on your wonderful space! have a great weekend!! xox

Janet said...

This is a fun little peek inside your world. I like seeing your drawings displayed along the top of your shelves.

I'm a container person, too. You can't ever have too many places to put things!

Kate said...

Your work space looks awesome, thanks for a peek into your world.

Eden said...

@Jp @Chel @Lori @Janet @Kate- Thanks so much for your kind comments!

Rebecca Anthony said...

I love this little look inside your studio. I am a desk girl too! It sure looks cozy in there(O:

Matteo said...

I envy you -- I envy the space, the neatness (organization?), and the talent -- Great!

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