September 22, 2011

Prep Page Two…..complete

On my flight out to Newport I would overhear snippets of conversation, so I started a list of what I’d heard.

Well, the word got out that I was keeping a list and before I knew it, I had lots of help in the comment-list-keeping department.  The quote above was spoken by someone very dear to me and it even had the shop owner cracking up!

What can I say, sometimes I gotta be reminded!

I adore Chicago, always have and always will…..the accents, the winter hats, the toll ways (don’t adore these, but they are very Chicago), the shopping!  But mostly the family!

Very poor picture quality.  Too lazy to re-take!

This one probably has a lot to do with growing up with 3 older brothers!  What can I say?

Another quote from last weekend.  I believe….it’ pretty universally true (I think).

Having some word-play-fun with Cheese!

If you refer to anything and everything as “the thing”….then you’re right there with me when I say, “Sometimes I can’t think of the nouns”.  Or really….I don’t want to stop and think of the nouns!  Just easier to say “thing”.


rachel awes said...

this looks like it was so fun to create!
i love noticing all the buzzzzz around me!
snippets of conversation...
sending you a big hug, eden! oxo

Kate said...

I love this, all the ords and the energy of the colors and shapes. Just wonderful!

Kate said...

Oops I wish we could edit comments. I meant all the words and energy of the colors and shapes.

Janet said...

I agree with Kate....there's so much energy in this piece. One of my favorite things to do is people watch/listen. You can hear some amazing things! (See I use things, too)

Chel said...

This is so cool! What a great way to remember an experience!!

JonaDoodles said...

This is so nice, I really like the quotes!

Eden said...

Thanks guys for your nice comments! These pages are fun. :D :D

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