May 11, 2011

Cool stuff from my Bloggy Artist Friends

I’m going to spotlight some recent etsy purchases from my bloggy-friends.  The one thing they all have in common is the above statement written by my 12 yr old niece.   (She’s a precocious child…not too much gets past this one).  She had a birthday last month and since she’s always interested in the stuff I do when we visit, I thought I’d add to her little artsy-stash.


I went to Borders in search of Dawn’s book “Doodle Diary, Art Journaling for Girls".  I had to go to the children’s section and I almost missed it.  As you can see the size of this book makes it easy to overlook.  I was lucky to nab one before they were all gone.


Last week I got this nice handmade Thank You card from said niece.  In it she wrote the following:
Thank you for all the art supplies.  I love them!  I especially love the doodle diary.  I’ve already learned a lot of new art things in it.  In fact I’m using some of the things I learned in this card.

Just sweet, this card is!  I just wanted to let you know, that 12 yr old girls dig this book.  Kudo’s to you Dawn for creating it!

I was so happy when I received these prints from Rachel last week.  I had to hunt down white frames for them, and then I added some red textured poster board (in lieu of $13 matting per piece) to the back to make the 9 x 12 prints work in the 10 x 13 frames. 

I’ve created a Rachel wall in my spare bedroom, where I can share these colorful and insightful messages with family and friends who visit.


This is… without a doubt… my Favorite-must-have print.  I need this gentle reminder.


Then there’s Aimee-with-Attitude!!  I love her sense of humor…she never fails to crack me up because she ALWAYS says what she’s thinking.  What a way with words this girl has.  Like the card above says:  When someone give you an odd look and grumbles “That’s not the way it’s done” just smile and wink and say “I know but its my way and I like it”. Talk about spunk!!  She’s loaded!  I could use a bit of her confidence that’s for sure.


Purchased  4 prints from Aimee at Christmas.  I gave one away and didn’t click a pic of it, shoot!


A little reminder on our dry-erase board as I enter or leave the house each day.


And I have to mention my very first etsy purchase.  It was from the VERY TALENTED Rebecca of Penny Lane Ink.  I totally fell in love with her girly-postcards.  I even did a whole post last summer about it HERE.

My new philosophy is I WILL support the artists that I like here in blog-land.  No, I won’t buy something just to buy it.  If I can afford it and it speaks to me, I’m getting it!  Because I’ll tell you one thing … won’t find this quality and these unique type of things at Wal-mart or Target.  Why not be the first on your block with a fun artsy item on the forefront?


rachel awes said...

a' beat!!!
it is sooooooo
fun to see
what you ordered,
framed & displayed
in your home...
it's like magic!
ooooh, thank you
dear one!
& that book for girls
looks so groovy
& i do know
& adoreadoreadore
that aimee
& rebecca...
i am blessed
to be in such
company with
all of you.

JP said...

I am putting this down as one of my favorite days on your blog....and you did'nt even ask!

9 more days....

JP said...

Don't you just hate it when you make a typo?
....and you didn't even ask! (above comment correction!)

Rebecca Anthony said...

Eden, I too am honored to be is such company! I am a HUGE fan of Rachel and have a few pieces of my own. There is something about Etsy and when you see something that hits you, I agree.....gotta have it(O: Thanks Eden!!

sherilee said...

I am a big Rachel fan as well, her art makes me happy happy. And now I know a few other etsy artists to go check out!

I love etsy, I love original, handmade art, and I love your doodles--going to go get that doodle art journaling book for my neice now! She will adore it.

Chel said...

This is so great! I got some Aimee art, too- and it's also all over our house :) I love the cooking one, I didn't see that!! (*adds it to my list*) I'm trying to buy one Etsy thing a month (more if we have budget for it) from my favorite artists.

I just have to say I love this post!

Deidra said...

Oh, I am smitten with your purchases! Thanks so much for sharing. I'll be clicking through your links to see more, that's for sure. But may I just say the card your niece made? It's priceless! Absolutely priceless!

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