May 9, 2011

Blog Feedback with a Giveaway!

I was over at Daisy Yellow the other day and she was talking about blogging and why we visit certain blogs, and what we like about them.  Which lead me to do my own little reader survey about Draw, Doodle and Decorate.


So, I’ll start at the beginning with the obvious. 
1-Would you like to see more doodling on this blog?  Zentangles with or without color?


2- Are you more drawn to the Sketches here.  Do I post too many pictures of the process or not enough?


I could do more with my Doodled Alphabet.  Incorporate a letter or a Word into my posts more often. 
3-Would this be appealing?


4- Do you like colorful, whimsical and unrealistic type drawings?


I do a few birds a season….
5- Would you like to see more of these?  Less?  Should I offer a black/white coloring book type print made available for your own use?


Then there’s the ever-popular Doodle Directory…..
6- Would you like more posts related to the directory?


Just to keep it fair…..

7- Does the changing of the Blog Header make you dizzy or does it add interest when you stop by?
8- I plan on doing some interviews with other Artists/ Art Journalers.  Would this be of interest?
9- Artsy-type Book Reviews are always fun to read.  I think word of mouth in blog land, can really help a new writer.  Do you buy books after reading a good review?
10-  Product reviews are not my fortee…..I like what I like and tend to stick with what works.  But I love posts where I can see Art studios or Art tools.  Would these types of pictures be inspiring to you?

And now the moment we’ve all been waiting for…

I will give one FULL 40 print Doodle Directory to a RANDOM person who leaves a comment here with a Blog Suggest/Criticism or Insight by midnight EST May 11There’s no right or wrong answer, and I’ve developed pretty thick skin over the years.  So, don’t hold back!  Change is good and this is the only way I know how to get you guys to say what you might be thinking.  LOL!!
*Sorry, only open to people with a US snail mail address.

Thanks for playing and stopping by :)


Emie58 said...

1st... let me say... I Love your blog!!!
1) I love to see doodles with color... zentangles too.
2) I think the number of process pics are just right... I prefer doodles over sketches but that's just me.
3) I like doodled letters and words would be great too!
4) LOVE 'colorful, whimsical and unrealistic type drawings"
5) I like the birds... and do like coloring pages
6) My FAVORITE part of your blog is the Doodle Directory!!!!!
7) To be honest I don't pay much attention to blog headers...
8) Love interviews..... but not as much as seeing your art
9) I have purchased quite a few books after reading a positive book review.
10) I do love to see pics of studios when they're in their usual state... I'm not a fan of seeing pics of picked up studios that are "camera" ready... and I do like to read about peoples favorite art supplies... and I'd love to read more about what markers you use and it would be fun to see step by step pics of your process... beginning to end.
Thanks, Emie

melydia said...

Personally, my favorite thing about this blog is the sketch process. You're so talented - it's inspiring to me. Now, as for your other questions:

7- I read through Google Reader, so I only even see the header when I click through to comment, so it doesn't really make any difference to me.

8- Depends on the questions you ask, I guess. I love to read about other artists, but too often the interviews are all boring questions, like "what inspired you to start a blog".

9- I rarely run out to purchase a book right after reading a convincing review, but I will often add it to my wish-list so I remember it later. I've only recently gotten into artist-type books recently, so I'm always interested in learning what's out there.

10- I'm not too interested in product reviews, but I, too, like seeing what people use and where they work.

Great blog!

rachel awes said...

i love best
your colorful
of things!
art book
would be
a plus!!
super fun
& brilliant

jinxxxygirl said...

I love your blog just as it changes necessary. I think you have a nice smattering of everything. But to answer your questions and get in on the lovely giveaway....LOL! Here ya go!

1.I must say i'm a bigger fan of the doodles. Althoughi admire and am blown away by your ability to sketch i'am more drawn to the doodles.
2. I like to see in progress pictures so i think the number of them you do is just right.
3. A doodled word or letter more often would be great.
4. i do like the unrealistic stuff the best. Maybe develop a new character other than the bird..
5. Maybe develop a new character but more birds would be great too.
6 There are so many doodles out there waiting to be put to paper that your doodle directory could be never ending!
7.Changing blog headers is good but not necessary. Keeps things fresh.
8 I do like artist interviews.....Prefer obscure , not famous ones. People who are hidden in the shadows maybe not many followers. Introduce us to them. The types of questions are important too. Some of them are just silly.
9Book reviews are good. But i don't buy alot of artist type books. Don't want to be influenced by any one person too much. But if you post a review i'll read the review. :)
10 I love to see where an artist creates their art! And maybe their fav tool and maybe a short tutorial on how to use that tool...?
Hope this helps! Hugs! deb

Jp said...

Re 1 thru 6
I find all of this fascinating. Yours is the only blog I follow. I especially appreciate and stand amazed at your ideas! How do you even come up with birds in high heels? I love the tags of personality with each bird...a new friend. someone we all may know. Oh yes, a coloring book. Maybe even a comic book? Could we get those kids reading them again?

I love watching your sketching and following the process. Could we really be related?

I think the doodles and whimsical drawings are wonderful.

Re 7 8 9 10

I don't enjoy this as much because you are the one I like to follow. but I do recall a favorite I have shared so often....the drawing of the Celtic knot? may want to send that out again! It is mesmerizing.

I did not realize you change the head banner. now, I will be watching.

Now, though, don't you think it is time to get away from this blog and get to Psycho Cleaning? Maybe you could get a little bird to help you? I am going to be there in just 10 days!

Phoenix Peacock said...

I have a really hard time answering these as I like blogs to offer what the blogger feels passionate about. So I think you should feel free to change things as you see fit, and leave what you love.
As someone who is drawn to zentangles and images that use the same style of line, I really like whismy drawings compared to realistic sketches. but thats just me.
I know this feedback isn't really helpful, but I honestly do believe that if you do what you like, people will like it too!

Trece said...

OMG!!! What an incredible giveaway!! Oh, I hope I win - it is taking forever to save up for the directory.
I love your doodles - that why I subscribed, that's why/what I'll but.
I don't care much for sketches, by anybody - it's not personal.
I get a kick out of the bird. Maybe Thursday could be Birdday!
Zentangles with or without color are great.
Your drawings are always fun.
I love the doodle alphabet, but I can see where it might be difficult to factor in. Unless you did it like an 'illuminated' manuscript.
I love the changing headers - I think it's brave.
Interviews, not so much, unless it's folks new to me.
Book reviews, sure.
Product reviews (explaining what you use and why) are fine.
Tips, tools and techniques are always good.
Photos of workspaces, sure - I love to see where my favorite artists work.

Hope you had a fabulous Mother's Day!
(Boy, I sure hope I win!!!)

Rebecca Anthony said...

I am always in awe when I come here. I think changing the blog header is always fun!! I love change so when I come here and see doodles I drool and when I come here and see your sketches I am completely drawn in to your process. You are always so good at mentioning products and tools and I find that very helpful! Keep doing what you're doing, YOU'RE the BEST!!!
Visiting you today has inspired me to maybe incorporate "some" color into my lady drawings. I love when you do your details and then suddenly there is a splash of color, it has COMPLETELY INSPIRED me today(O: I am such an all or nothing chic but I need to branch out and not do all just do "some"(O:

Thanks for the inspiration!!

Daisy Yellow said...


It was your bright, rainbow-colored doodles and welcoming tone that brought me to your blog long ago. I love whimsical people/animals with patterned outfits, your doodle directories, zentangles or letters or anything with vivid color. In-process and before-after shots for B&W art that you colorize. You've been a cheerleader for me coloring my own doodles as I often don't do so.

I read many of your posts in my feed reader so I don't always notice the change in header for awhile. I do look more at the posts than the header, though.

Interviews are always a great read and I savor any artist interviews I find on creative blogs. Especially as another person mentioned - lesser known artists with wonderful work.

I'd vote for book reviews over product reviews.

Workspace photos and in-process-workspace-shots are always of interest.

Thank you for asking!

JP said...

Eden -

I have returned to your Blog to read other comments. I find myself emotionally moved by the impact you have had on those that follow your blog. It may surprise you to learn, I need a tissue. What a thrill - to read the love and interest from strangers drawn to your work and motivated by it to grow and improve. I had no idea what a blog was even about or why anyone would care, until I started to follow yours. All of share in talent and encourage each other. Wow. Thank you Bill Gates. This is very cool. I look forward to looking at your blog every morning.

Anonymous said...

I love your zentangles with colors and your birds and your directory. Your work is so colorful and fun and that is what keeps me coming back. Thanks for the offer.

Dawn said...

OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH. This will be fun! And hard!

1-Would you like to see more doodling on this blog? Zentangles with or without color?
* I lOVE your Zentangle process. It amazes me your attention to detail and how all those patterns come together without looking too busy. I am amazed by your endless creativity in thinking of/designing patterns. I'm jealous :) And color...ALWAYS COLOR.

2- Are you more drawn to the Sketches here. Do I post too many pictures of the process or not enough?
* Top of the list of my favorites. You always say you can't draw....but YOU LIE! You also have improved in leaps and bounds, and that is just you perserving. I love it. I love process photos, especially ones that show mistakes :)

I could do more with my Doodled Alphabet. Incorporate a letter or a Word into my posts more often.

3-Would this be appealing?
* I like your doodled alphabet (i like everything you do), but to me I find your doodles more exciting in Zentangle drawing form.

4- Do you like colorful, whimsical and unrealistic type drawings?

I do a few birds a season….
5- Would you like to see more of these? Less? Should I offer a black/white coloring book type print made available for your own use?
* I think your birds show your creativity and imagination, though it isn't something I'd do. And you know that we are all self-absorbed :)

Then there’s the ever-popular Doodle Directory…..
6- Would you like more posts related to the directory
* Yes please

7- Does the changing of the Blog Header make you dizzy or does it add interest when you stop by?
* No, though I don't pay that much attention to all the changes you do to it. AKA--it doesn't bother me, nor is it something that I pay much attention to. But I have kept my header the same since forever!

8- I plan on doing some interviews with other Artists/ Art Journalers. Would this be of interest?
* OOH YES. I loveeeee reading artist interviews, and I always find out new peeps through them too.

9- Artsy-type Book Reviews are always fun to read. I think word of mouth in blog land, can really help a new writer. Do you buy books after reading a good review?
* Yep. I'm a Barnes and Noble junkie. If I read a book review from a fellow blogger that I like, I usually check it out at the store. If it hooks me, I'm in!
10- Product reviews are not my fortee…..I like what I like and tend to stick with what works. But I love posts where I can see Art studios or Art tools. Would these types of pictures be inspiring to you?
* When I first forayed into art land, I was on the hunt always for people's art tools and supplies. I NEED TO KNOW. Now that I have found a basis of what I like (not that it doesn't ever expand), I don't find the need for it as much. But, I do think it is useful for newbies.

Dawn said...

PS: I so win for the longest comment so far!

PPS: I love workspace shots! It gives me a sense of where the person works in a larger sense.

Peggy said...

1-Color is the key—and your vibrant colors make everything look amazing—doodles or Zentangles!
2- Your sketches are amazing. Personally, I am drawn to interpretive art, so I prefer your doodles and Zentangles (can you see a theme starting here?).
3-Anything with bright, vibrant colors that moves YOU. If you are moved, your readers will be, too!
4- (See above) Whimsical and “unrealistic” are great!
5- Whimsical birds—yes! Coloring book—yes!
6- The Directory is nice, but it doesn’t have the impact of the individual pieces.
7- I think a consistent blog header that really jumps at the reader would work, rather than trying to cover everything.
8- Interviews may be good if the artist is interesting.
9- Sometimes, if the work moves me.
10- It would be interesting for you to review the tools and methods YOU use first!

Chel said...

I like your blog EXACTLY as it is. Honestly. I have been thinking a lot about this issue since I read the post over at Daisy Yellow and while at first I thought I would suggest "tweaks" for several blogs I read, I began to realize that the author's vision is what makes each of these blogs unique and so gratifying to me. THAT SAID (since I always have an opinion about stuff!), here are some answers :)

1. I love doodles, I love color. Win-win. Plus, your doodles always spark something in me.

2. I really, really love seeing the progress of your sketches. They are amazing to me.

3/4. Honestly- both . I like your *style* so whatever you create and share is usually something that really sings to me.

5. I love the birds and Gracie does, too- so a coloring book might be something we would enjoy! You ever think about doing digital stamps, too? Those are really gaining in popularity.

6. I really love the idea of the Doodle Directory. My only issue is that my doodles aren't like other people's doodles, so whenever I tried to zentangle or doodle by using a "legend", I always made giant errors and got frustrated. But it's such a great resource and jumping-off point!

7. I love it because I can see what you do and the work you do and I knew instantly when I saw it that your blog would be a favorite!

8. YES!! LOVE hearing about their lives and their inspiration and processes!

9. Absolutely.

10. YES, please. I'm a product and studio-space junkie, I can't get enough of reading about new (or well loved) products and love seeing how other people use their space!

Lisa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Trish said...

love your doodles the most! and the doodle directory ;)

June said...

I especially love your color pieces.It makes me happy looking at your work. I think your blog currently has a nice mix of topics. I think to just keep blogging about in the same manner you have been doing is the way to go. Add what you feel is important or interesting at the time.

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