November 11, 2010

Facing Forward… a coloring book

Right after I outlined my Thanksgiving Bird, I had an idea…..I had to STOP myself from coloring any further.  Because I would love to see how you guys would color this bird in.  I know you are creative!!  And I know you like to draw or doodle or zentangle or embellish or collage or paint (cuz you’re here visiting me). 

So, wouldn’t it be fun to do this on a fixed item and then SHOW us what you did?  I would get such a kick out of seeing your work. 

I think it’s time for a little giveaway too.   (not sure how else to entice you to play along and show me what you can do).  Anyone up for a $5 Starbucks card?   Anyone???

  1. Download the picture by going HERE ……or I can email the image to you.  (It is possible to download from this blog, but the image will be half the size)…..Up to you.
  2. Color in HOWEVER YOU DESIRE (with markers, crayons, watercolor pencils, watercolors, acrylics, collage, black and white, zentangle it, doodle it)  ANYTHING GOES!
  3. Upon Completion:  take a pic or scan the Thanksgiving Bird then email the  .jpg to elg921(at)yahoo(dot)com
  4. I will post the submissions on my blog the day before the GIVEAWAY WINNER is announced
  5. Since it’s my contest and I want you to just have fun with it…..I’ll use the Random Generator to pick the winner…….(but you never know if I’ll include an HONORABLE MENTION as well).

a.  If you’d like, you can also comment here and leave a link to your static (Blog) page with the finished image.  BUT, to be included in the contest you must email me the jpg……Sorry, just easier that way :)

b.  Don’t worry I won’t sell your art work to the Paparazzi, Claim it as my own in the book I’m writing, Post it all over facebook with your name attached to it or Sell it to spammers……It’ll will be safe with me….really! LOL!!

c.  And if you are participating in NaNoJouMo or AEDM this month, coloring this in would count as “art” for that day….right?

d.  Time to have fun…..Relax… and… Color away!!

 CONTEST DEADLINE:   November 17, Midnight EST.


Anonymous said...

That is awesome~ and I'm gonna do it!!
(OMG, am I the first person to comment this a.m? wow, you are usually FULL of them and my poor two cents is at the bottom, ha!)
I want to see YOUR finished rendition, too. ;-)

JP said...

Now I need to go shopping for the pens you suggest in your blog. What about the leaves in my yard???

Eden said...

JP, your leaves will be in your yard EVEN AFTER you rack them all up!!! Plus isn't it good for the fertilization or something? I say, have a little fun :D

Chel said...

This is so great! I think Gracie and I will both have to play along! :)

Kate said...

I think this is a great idea. I did this before with some pages in Violette's coloring book. It was fun.

pluckychickenheart said...

What I fun idea! I'll give it a go. Fingers crossed.x

Kate said...


I put mine on my blog today and will send you the jpg. This was fun,


Eden said...

Kate, You did an OUTSTANDING job!! I love it!!

Bobbi Lewin said...

What a cute thanksgiving bird! Fun idea:)

Dawn said...

WOOHOO!!! I LOVE just to color!!!!

I found the thing to do tonight. I need something nice and easy.

Jehanne said...

oh cool!! I wish we had a starbucks here. great idea!

Dawn said...

yay! i did it :) I like coloring. Don't enter me in your contest, but I posted the pic on my blog :)

lori vliegen said...

your birdie is super-gobbledy-cute!!! (and i love the little chicklets' pilgrim hats!!!) xox, :))

aimee said...

super doodly cool!!

Anda: said...

I had totally missed this contest. But since we don't have Starbucks I will not attend. But you can see my colouring on my blog. This was fun! See the link below. :o)

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