November 29, 2010

Senior Pictures

I thought I’d be further along with this by now, but my “drawing time” was interrupted by some much needed psycho cleaning!  After being gone for almost a week and spending time in some really clean houses, I felt a little bad for my pad.   Hours later, chores done, I’m feeling much inspired.  So, I thought I’d share my latest drawing with you.  Plus, I’ve missed you guys!!  Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving!

The good thing about stepping back and posting these here is…I can see I don’t have the face shape correct on the interior (left) side.   Will try to fix that, ASAP!

Little FYI for you:   Did you know that an artist (A really good artist) cannot display their painting/drawing if it was drawn from a Studio picture because of the copyright???   I did not know this…. it’s a good thing I’m not that good!!

I sharpened my graphite pencil a few times as I attempted the teeth here…..But will need to go in and tone some of those edges down…..Geez!!  A little tombstone-y here, I think!

Don’t look too closely at the hair off the forehead, because it really doesn’t match the picture, but I must say it was fun to draw!!

Oh, I’ve got to show you this book I just picked up. 


Secrets to Drawing Realistic Faces by Carrie Stuart Parks

The book was written by this lady who has done Composite Drawings for the FBI since ‘81.  She thought it best to teach a class on composite drawing to Police Officers so that more bad guys can be caught.   The book is an extension of her class.   A very well written book, with face “rules” which helped me to break down the dimensions of the photograph.

All for now!!


JP said...

You are truly amazing! The expression in the photo is exactly that of the sketch. Excellent. This is a sketch you must print and frame.

Maybe psycho cleaning brings out your very best?

Jeanne Nelson said...

Such a beautiful face! You've drawn it very professionally, Eden. Love it!

Eileen Bergen said...

She's lovely, Eden. Welcome back!

Julie Jordan Scott said...

I so enjoy seeing your process. Thank you for saving it here for us to enjoy.

Janet said...

I don't think you need a book to tell you how to draw realistic faces! You already do that. But it is a great book....I have it....although no one would ever know because most of my faces don't look realistic! Great job, Eden!!!

Sherry Lynn said...

WOW...what a great job, so pretty.

sweet limes said...

HOly Cow, that looks amazing!

Dawn said...

great job. you are increasing your drawing skills by leaps and bounds!!! I am barely crawling forward. And I missed you tooooo :)

Liberty said...

I am so blown away by your drawing skills Eden! I love that you share the process with us.
I hope you had a great thanksgiving!

Leah said...

lovely drawing!

Anonymous said...

This is a good drawing Eden. Looks like a book I need to improve my faces.Thanks for sharing.

aimee said...

wow... SUPER cool! looks like it just emerged out of the paper - i love that!!

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