November 8, 2010

Facing Forward…in Incognito…..FINAL


Finally got to my favorite part!  Yep, drawing in this background.  I totally love doing this part, because I could unplug the ‘noggin.  LOL!!  I think those colorful pebble squares work here, too.  But not everyone around me agrees.  My dear teen daughter told me that this picture was “way too busy”, but what does she know?  HaHa,  I usually listen to her though, because she’s got a good eye.  That’s ok,  I’ll survive,  we are all entitled to our own opinions.  Plus, I’m  all about color and she’s not.


I am loving how my friend in blue turned out.  She’s a lady with class and I hope she likes my representation.  However, in the original picture she tilted her head to the left, and I’ve drawn it tilted to the right, which makes me wonder just what I’m seeing!!!  Ah, well!


Just an early stage of the background part.  I am planning on fixing the yellow-biker-chics eyes because she’s so much prettier than I made her out to be.

Learned a lot with this drawing. 
  1. Sometimes less is more (less pencil marks for the eyes and things)
  2. When you are stuck on a dimension of a person…..walk away from it for awhile, preferably overnight.  If you don’t have that much time, ask someone to look at it with you.  Their fresh eyes will give you the needed adjustment.   (I do this A LOT!)
  3. Take the things you like or can do from a picture and EMBELLISH it anyway you want….It’s allowed, really! 
  4. Not everyone will like my version of the picture, and that’s OK. 


Thanks for all your EnCoUrAgEmEnT and kind Comments you’ve left along the way here.  They really keep me on task, and I appreciate each and every comment you leave!


Jeanne Nelson said...

Totally awesome piece, Eden. I love the colorful pebble background, and all of the details you added into the clothing! It rocks!

B @ Sweet Limes said...

Oh wow! Your daughter has no clue what she's talking about this time around because that background is PERFECT for this picture! I love that the pop of colours is in the back while their clothes are patterned mostly in black and white. Great job.

Liberty said...

this is so awesome!
I am always in awe of the facing forward projects you undertake - I would find them so daunting!
I love all the colour (and I loved reading that there was a part of this project that let your mind turn off!).
the superfine detail on the gloves and the shirt of the woman 2nd from the left are so great!
I really love the pattern on the vest of the woman on the right, the fish-scale of her shirt underneath, the skirt of the woman 2nd from the left, the checkerboard stripes on the far left shirt/tunic and the red dot pattern on the shirt 2nd from right... um so basically I love almost everything LOL!
Your background, as always, is so wonderful - so much work you put into it. I really enjoyed seeing the process photo of the coloured grid before the circle effect was added. I actually love how it looks both before and after.

Chel said...

I love it! It came out really, really nicely! I love the background, especially.

Judy Hartman said...

Actually, I love your version of the photo!!
The areas of black are strong counterpoints to all the color!
Very festive!!

JP said...

I was thinking how good it is you like to draw. Can't imagine what trouble those busy fingers would find without all of this attention to detail. The drawing is so creative and interesting! I love it.
note: I think the girl is yellow is beautiful already - without fix'n. I think the lady in red (oh....who could this be?) is much more beautiful. You need to capture her pretty smile.
Have a happy week!

B said...

I like the background!! Wow.

Anne said...

Looks so fun! Colorful, bright and celebratory!

aimee said...

i love how you did your background! at first i thought you were drawing on felt, the colors were so bright and saturated - i was wowed when i realized this was your own hand colored detail!

rachel awes said...

these women ROCK
& so do you!!!
i love this!!
i could dance to it!

Sherry Lynn said...

Love much personality.

ArtfulLee Designed said...

I love the background and all the details you have added.

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