May 10, 2011

Water Doodle….Nummer Drei

Went to the local Art Store and bought the thickest watercolor paper they sell (300 lb.).  I wanted the one with a bit of  “tooth” to it, not super smooth and not too rough.  I think the smooth is Cold Press (or is that the one I bought)…..Oh-evie…I didn’t write it down, because I thought I’d remember it.  I avoided the super smooth one because with all my little lines and such…the smooth one would have left no room for error!  I need lots of room for error!  LOL!


I had to cut down the paper to 18 x 24 (for the poster size frame I bought).  And I’m telling you….this is a lot of white space to doodle in.  This took  F.O.R.E.V.E.R.  The size did not lend itself to being dragged around with me to work during breaks and such.  Could be another reason it

It’s usually best if I don’t work on this sort of thing on Friday nights.  A wee bit-o-beer introduces a wee-bit-o-wobble!  Ugh!


You can see the “tooth” of the paper well in this shot.  I didn’t stick with just Black markers….I have 3 gray Faber-Castel markers that I used in this piece as well.  Makes for more dimension I think.

I prefer to let my favorite color dominate…and it did a good job here.

Pulled in some traditional doodle patterns and added a few new ones on this part.

Things are starting to take shape now….and I’ve only been working on it 11 days!

Making decisions for the background.  Had to ask my daughter for advice.  Feedback sure helps when I’ve been starring at a piece for awhile.

da…Daa….DAA!!  It was decided to use the same background as Water Doodle One and Water Doodle Two, since they were going to be seen together.

This is a quick fix for my WALL OF DREAD that has been sitting bare for 2 years.   I will probably do a couple more of these because it still looks pretty bare.  I am not a very good decorator….I get too overwhelmed.  Should probably change the name of this blog then, LOL!!  Hopefully these pictures add a bit of visual interest to my simple abode.  Unfortunately now,  I have no excuse to not clean or prepare for company any more! 


Shayla said...

THIS TURNED OUT BEAUTIFULLY! You should sell prints of it because it is just...WOW! Awesome!

Jp said...

Very cool.

Lanie said...

So beautiful! You inspire me!

I love the use of color and aren't those shades of gray pens the best?!

~Lanie J.

Chel said...

Oh, how I love these. Not only do they turn out beautifully, they look like SO much fun to do.

Janet said...

They look great all hanging together. I love your doodle designs.

thisorthatandmore said...

You did a great job of detailing your steps and the end result is fabulous!! Thanks for sharing.

jinxxxygirl said...

Just amazing! I love this ! And best of all i love that you are decorating your walls with your own artwork. Thats my goal in my own house!

iHanna said...

Love this doodle, and it's interesting to see it grow and develop. Maybe you should just find a printer and make a wallpaper of this one... and decorate the whole room? ;-) Love it!

Anonymous said...

I have admired your work for several months now and this is so beautiful! I am in love w/your doodles! I do want to know what pen(s) you use to make those small lines in your doodles. Seems like even the ultra fine Bic colored pens are not thin enough and I end up w/thick lines when I really wanted super thin lines.

The framing you did made your artwork pop!

Here is my email if you will email me when you get a min w/the pen info? sunlite705(at)(aol).com


RuthArt said...

what a wonderful, detailed explanation of your process. you're like me, I want my own art on the walls and I'm going through a struggle trying to figure out what to do....but you are an inspiration. I did an abstract a couple of weeks ago, and it's hanging on the wall....but definitely need lots more.

Pennyb said...

LOVE the idea!! Stunning.

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