April 22, 2011

Water Doodle….Numero Uno

It all started when I showed my daughter’s friend my Flickr Favorites while on vacation.  This young lady was so cute, she liked so many pictures she saw on my Flickr Favorite Photostream.  She has seen all.of.my.work, so she’s got a good sense of what I can do and what I like.  She spotted this picture from Margaret Storer-Roche and turned to me and said, “Wow, you should do something like this”.  I looked at it and thought “Yeah, I should….that’d be fun”.

So, I grabbed my favorite floral stencils.  Then picked out some primary colors from my watercolor pencil stash and went to work.

I like the look of watercolors with black and white uniform patterns included. 

Referred to my Doodle Directory many times for ideas while filling in this part.

Had an idea to zentangle up the inside of the Rainbow rings…..but I’ve since scratched that thought.

Must practice more with those watercolor pencils….wanted to have a lot of blue in that lower-right flower,
this isn’t exactly the look I was after.  Ahhh well!

This was a blast to make!!  A bLaSt!!  Free-handed the leaves and the lower blue flowers.  I have to admit, I am more drawn to the precise-ness of the stencils though.

To make one for yourself all you need is:
  • A compass
  • Good Black fine point permanent marker
  • Watercolor pencils
  • A stencil or two
  • Your Imagination


rachel awes said...

thank you for revealing
the spring garden
i long to see
under the snow!

JP said...

I love this. When God was handing out talent, you certainly got a generous portion!

Happy Easter. I would like to see your Easter Eggs...died. Why don't you clean out some of the eggs and put rice inside. Do some of your beautiful art work to share with us?

Janet said...

LOVE this!!! I, too, like the way b&w just seems to make the colors even brighter. Beautiful!

tricia said...

Lovely! I'm glad I saw this today, just have been so stressed out that I can't even think of what to draw but I know it'll help - your flowers are so cute, I'm going to go doodle some flowers and paint them ;) Have a great weekend!

Liberty said...

oh Eden this is so so so so SO wonderful! I love it so much!
thanks for brightening my day and putting a smile on my face :)

Eden said...

Thanks for all your nice comments guys!!
@Tricia- Inspiration is just a click away, that's why I'm a blog-hound :D
@Rachel- Yep, I'm feeling it too! Can't wait for Real Spring....enuf of this cold stuff :D
@JP- Thanks for the compliment and someday I'll try some art-on-an-egg.....gotta get better first :D
@Janet- Duality, works for so many things! Thanks
@Liberty- Thanks for putting a smile on MY fAcE !!!

Trish said...

thanks for the comment on the bunny girls! I really appreciate it, especially since I've admired your work for a long time now ;)

Trece said...

Gorgeous and inventive!! You never fail to impress, dearie. Happy Easter to you and yours!!

Chel said...

Oh, Eden- this is GORGEOUS!! So beautiful- I love the doodles and the colors. Everything you do is so amazing and inspiring!

Dawn said...

Eden--beautiful. You continuously inspire me.

lori vliegen said...

gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! i love the balance of black and white with your bold pops of color.....brilliant!! xox

DeanO said...

What awesome detail and color. I like this art work!

gypsy said...

Eden, This is magical! I just love this, so cool!

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