April 11, 2011

TV Tots

I probably should start this post with a WARNING Sign, because opinions will be expressed.  But it’s my blog and it’s just my opinion.  One opinion among billions!

But before I get ahead of myself, I’ll show you my usual step-by-step drawing process.

Just three young birds doing their thing.  But I think the baseball player is trying to get a game up.

Brought in those wonderful watercolor pencils for the green wall, the blue sky seen through the window and the blonde girl.

Turn me off… Think for yourself.  Just the facts m’am – just the facts.  These people aren’t real, the lives you see here are an illusion.  Go do something…Anything….read, write, draw, dance, sing or play.  Your options are limitless.  Don’t succumb to the mistrust, envy and greed that this breeds.  And often it all starts with the commercials!

There I said it!  Now you know my opinion about TV.  Don’t get me wrong, I watch TV, and we’ve got 4-5 of them in our house.  And I thank my lucky stars that I stopped being glued-to-the-tube at an early age, for reasons I won’t go into here. And it’s pretty rare that I’ll sit down and watch a show alone.  Just my way…. just my way.  I have to confess, I’m never the first person to know what’s going on in the news, and I rarely remember the names of some of the new stars.  I can’t recognize a mature face that started out as a child actor.  I’m a sucker and completely gullible when I watch TV.  I believe so much of what I see.  So, for me….I’ve got to prevent the drama from creeping into my life from the tube.  I don’t much care for any Soap Operas, American Idol, or Dancing with the Stars.  But if there’s a mystery on, or a lifetime mini-series….I’ve been known to take a peek.  Usually I’m not in control of the remote, and I’ve fallen in love with the “go back”  DVR button when I am.  Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a “go back” button in real life?


jinxxxygirl said...

We watch alot of Criminal MInds, NCIS, Being Human, Stargate Universe.....I don't go for the reality shows, i enough of my own reality thank you. I do like some of the cake baking shows and competitions. I agree that we don't monitor what our kids watch enough and that they watch waaay too much. You not even safe letting your kids watch cartoons because so many cartoons now are geared toward adults.

Chel said...

I feel the same way- I now can only watch about 45 minutes (even a FAVORITE show) before my mind wanders and I have to pick up something crafty to do or a book or something else.

Rebecca Anthony said...

I feel the same way, I think TV is a waste of time but I must confess I do watch a a couple of hours sometimes in the evening. I am an American Idol fan(O: I seriously do it for forced down time otherwise I would just keep drawing or cleaning my house. But during the day no way, it's off and I rely on my husband to fill me in in anything in the world is happening. Nice post my friend!!

Julia Christie said...

I love this drawing and this post! I feel just exactly the same way! We are not a tv family, although we have lots and lots of movies that we watch together occasionally, I too am in the dark a lot of the time about what is going on on the tube! I was not allowed to watch tv much at all as a young girl, so I've never gotten 'addicted' to it thank heavens! Hopefully passing this on to my little ones too!

Great post!


Eileen Bergen said...

I love it, Eden - and totally concur! People need to get in touch with reality - and reality TV isn't it!!!

Eden said...

Ahh, Thanks guys for chiming in. Wasn't sure how this post was going to be received. I guess it's all about balance. I just find that as I've gotten busier and busier in my life, I can't stand the sound of the TV when I'm at home alone. Isn't that funny.....I also know that I won't get anything done if I just stop and watch a few minutes.....but like Rebecca, there are times when I have to create my own downtime haven with the Tube on.....Thank goodness for DVR and my collection of DVDs.

You guys are great :D

EWian said...

Fantastic illo!


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