January 16, 2012

A Runner…Taking Form

Ahh, to pay attention to detail.  Cause it’s all in the details.

The details showed me that my shoulders were too long, they needed to be shortened.  I could not get that back arm to look right and it’s because my base (body) was incorrect.  So, after much erasing and re-drawing the right arm, I’d had enough and went to bed.

Proceeded this morning by neglecting the right arm completely.  Moving on to the left arm.  The paper isn’t as distressed and hopefully I won’t abuse it as much.

As fun as this is….I know that it’s not exact, and yet….I continue sketching.  I guess with time and practice my “detail drawing” will get better.  Wouldn’t this be so much more interesting if this was done in colored pencils!  THAT is what I really want to learn!  If anyone has any good advice or links along that line, do share Open-mouthed smile

She’s not finished yet:
  • Needs shoes
  • More front leg shadows
  • Arm band details
  • ?? right arm SOMETHING
  • Hair shadows


jinxxxygirl said...

She's coming along nicely! Don't be so hard on yourself! What do you do with your finished sketches? Do you hang them on the wall???

Eden said...

Deb, you're such an ENCOURAGER and I thank YOU!! Yep, I put them in black frames and put them around in the "study"....computer room. It makes me happy! I do enjoy doing this, and it would be best if I started doing this for others! Nobody's asked yet! Haha

Mary said...

Oh my gosh Eden, this is incredible. You are so very talented.

I wanted to thank you too, the comment you left on my blog a few days ago.

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