January 1, 2009

Organizing my USB cords! Ugh

Why are all these cords "proprietary" ? Why? We have the USB cord to the Palm, to the Olympus Camera, Rio MP3 player, Sandisk Sansa, Sony Cybershot, Sony Alpha, and my Instinct Phone. Only one of these cords will "multi-task". The Standard USB cord I got with the Palm.

Thankfully, it did my Olympus Camera and my Rio. But why didn't Sony make one proprietary cord? My DD's cybershot cord will not work with my Alpha SLR, huh? Go figure!

So, feeling rather inspired to organize this mess. I labelled each end of each cord. I use the red background tape to signify "camera", the blue bkgd tape to signify "mp3/Phone" and the white tape is because this is the closest to a UNIVERSAL USB I have found.

I still am not 100% in love with the visual effect this leaves, but it's far better than the way it was.

If you've found a "system" or an item that helps you organize your cords please share it. Oh yeah, it has to be less than $10, too!

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