November 19, 2011

My Favorite Blog Posts


Looking thru my external hard drive the other day, I realized I’ve done quite a bit of drawing these past couple of years.  If a fortune teller told me I’d like sketching some day, I would think she had me mistaken.  Here’s a collage of my favorite blog posts and art pieces that I’ve done over the last 2 years.  Some pieces were chosen because “at the time” it was a break through for me.

For those of you new to my blog, you may not have seen all of these images so I thought I’d share.

1. Senior Sketch- portrait sketch done of my daughter’s senior picture.  If only I could replicate wavy hair.

2. Gnome with No Gname- he has since been named.

3. Who Says- Fun with color and script in a peacock sort of way.

4. Teen Lingo- My AbSoLuTe favorite post of all

5. Dancing in Pointe Shoes- I was surprised that I could sketch these

6. Zelda Zany- just a fun zentangled bird to go with Zack, Zander and Zamora

7. Foot Fetish- one of my first contour drawings

8. Mural Drawing- done for the Sketchbook Project

9. Hippie Chick- I adore this birds outfit and really dig her purse.

10. Dance Line- lots of practice with contour drawing

11. Prep Pages- just a fun art journal page

12. Body-Mind-Spirit- done in 2009 for NaNoJouMo , where we were given a word prompt then we could draw anything we wanted from the prompt.

13. Artist’s Bird- here I talk about right brain vs. left brain thinking

14. Angel- recent Art Journal page

15. Rajasthani Dancer- a super fun figure to draw

16. Kokopelli Dancers- used stencils for these guys and slow-journaled between the figures

17. WaterDoodle Series- really fun to do if you like to zentangle and be exact with your work.

18. Jen the Gemini- trying to make my teen birds a little more appealing

19. Vogue- a word prompt for NaNoJouMo, one of my first drawn faces.

20. Celtic Knot- pretty cool video in the post teaches you how to make this…..(not my youtube).

21. Diver Girl- body sketch….need I say more.

22. College Bird- love her backpack

23. Purity- another NaNoJouMo word prompt

24. Matryoshka series- 5 dolls in all, loved creating these stacking dolls.

25. Sketch Parade- body sketch….need I say more.


rachel awes said...

oh eden,
i love them all so much!
it is amazing to see them
together...a treasure chest!
i want to keep that vision
of the pure angel w/me today...
i adore the contrast of her white
w/the color background.
lovelove 2u. xo

ArtfulLee Designed said...

Oh what a lovely collection Eden. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. It has been great to revisit some of your posts, I just loved your water doodle and ballet shoes.

MollyGirl said...

How wonderful to look back and see such an amazing body of work. i love it all, but your pencil sketches are truly amazing. and i completely understand what you mean about needing to draw from a photograph... it's a real challenge for me to get the dimension right on the page when i'm trying to draw from life. i aspire to be able to do what you do!

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