November 3, 2011

My mime….part 5

Lions and Tigers and Bears…oh My!!  Heads and Faces and Proportion…oh My!!

This drawing stuff sure keeps me on my toes…..just when I think I’ve got a somewhat accurate portrayal, with the shading and the features. 

I step back and go….”EEEK!”.  There’s always another unforeseen element I forgot to consider.  At this point I really don’t know if I made the head too small for the body or the shoulders too big for the head.  I don’t know if I can contour up that left side and erase away some of that bulk.  I guess if I’ve had a good night’s sleep and a strong cup of coffee….maybe…just maybe.


JP said...

Yes, something is not quite right! But you got the expression exactly. Isn't that the hardest thing to capture?

I am packed and ready to have breakfast. Windy and rainy here so I am allowing extra trime for the trip.

jinxxxygirl said...

I look at the second to last photo and i i have to agree that something is not quite right but then i look at the last photo thats not such a close up and i like it.

I'm looking forward to seeing how you do his face as i think it is a very unique face. I want to see if you can capture it.......pssst....i know you will! Your doing great! deb

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Very well done ~ you will get where you want to go with this ~ slowly ~ simply, sincerely ~ namaste, Carol (Share the Creative Journey) and A Creative Harbor)

Jennibellie said...

I think this is fabulous, I wouldn't worry about perfect accuracy because it leads to almost never being satisfied and this is such wonderful work. Thanks for sharing, Jennibellie xx

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