November 10, 2011

My Mellow Mime….part 7

Wow! This has been a long series,  I’m at picture post 27 for my mimes. I think the only sketch to top that was the Remembering 9/11 sketch.

If you’ve followed along, you’ll remember that I made the female head too small.  So, erasing had to be done.  I thought I could get away with erasing the lower side of the head.  Then expand down and out from there.

I was able to enlarge the head a bit.  But then I couldn’t get that mouth right.  I was disappointed that I liked it in the previous version.  So, instead of drawing from the picture for the smile, I drew from the earlier sketch.  Hey, whatever works, right?

The other thing I have trouble duplicating is…..any head tilt or turn.  Again, I’ve drawn the face looking straight on.  Maybe someday, I’ll figure head angles out….but today was not the day.  I also needed to bring some of that hair puffiness down.


Looking at this now….right here…..I think I should’ve shaded much more around the eyes and mouth.  But I think some of the issue in the picture above may have to do with the camera not picking up all the minor shading details.

What fun!!….I just love sketching and I have no idea why (why must I always have a reason to like something?)  It’ll be nice to do something in color next.  I appreciate you guys stopping by and commenting when you can.  It really helps!!


jinxxxygirl said...

Don't you just love a challenge? My witches cat turned out to be just such a challenge. Still haven't got it right but had to set it aside for a bit.

I think this is turning out great! I think maybe the mime needs a little more shading around his eyes that would offset the starkness of his dark eyes. I think in the pic his eyes are shaded quite a bit from the hat. Hugs! deb

Janet said...

You have such patience. That's probably my biggest challenge when I do art....I want it done NOW! I love that you spend so much time on your sketches, and it shows in the quality of your work. Fantastic!!!

Serena said...

I wouldn't worry too much about making it perfect....I think your sketch looks great, Eden!

I enjoy sketching too whether it be a simple or complex one....quite meditative.

Have a great day,

Serena :)

Eden said...

Thanks for all the support, jinxxxgirl, Janet and Serena! I've got a long way to go and as you can see, I have to train my eye, so I see what is really there instead of what I think is there. I have since, shaded in more around the females brow, so it doesn't appear so flat....I'm still learning my graphite and have a tendency to over-shade...

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