November 23, 2011

Libby….the Libra

It was time for another bird, so I thought I’d add to the birds I’ve drawn in the Zodiac Series.  Louis and Jen.

Since I was drawing a Libra, and they are all about truth, justice, fairness and balance.  The obvious choice would have been to draw a judge.  But….have you noticed how boring all the judges look?  Unless I drew an American Idol judge, but I’m not sure if they are all that fair….haha…just kidding!

Libby the Libra…..she didn’t foresee that a lot of her Law School training would come in so handy while raising her kids.  She has to stop what she’s doing, hear both sides to their story and then help those little guys negotiate the best solution to their problems.  Every now and then, it’s best to separate them.  Amazing how clear they can think after a brief time-out.

Siblings, I think it’s our first taste in how to get along in the real world.  It may seem like it’s just a battle over a toy or the remote control, but so much else is being learned under the surface!  God Bless our families!!  Happy Thanksgiving you guys!


Chel said...


rachel awes said...

happy thanksgiving, dear!

aimee said...

i need a libby to help me with my kiddos! hope you had a great t-day!

lori vliegen said...

libby rocks!! and i love her story.....i sure could have used some of her law school smarts when my kids were younger.....! hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving, sweetie pie!! xoxo

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