November 18, 2011

Flower Power

I started this drawing last summer when someone suggested that I submit a jpg for a fabric contest.  I drew this out with the intent to copy my Floral Paisley drawing (see below).  Then I went on vacation and promptly forgot about it.

With the deadline to the contest way behind me, I thought I’d just have some fun with my watercolor pencils and markers for these flowers.  Plus, it’s just a great way to play!

As you can see I have some all-time favorite stencils that I’ve used many times for these flowers.

I added some words behind the flowers to add interest.

The words read “Just Do What Makes You Happy”….simple as that.


This is my Floral Paisley that I referred to in the opening paragraph.  Markers are pretty cool for this because the colors are so darn vibrant.  The watercolor pencils just don’t have this much punch.


Above is the second Floral drawing I’ve drawn with my stencils….just doesn’t appeal to me like that first one….Maybe it’s just too busy or just my personal opinion.


JP said...

I can imagine beautiful fabrics of your intricate designs. Is there another contest for you to enter?

jinxxxygirl said...

I think i need to get some flower stencils and just play! LOL! Lovely. I like the other one better too. More negative (white) space i think. Its just as important as the colored part. :) deb

DJan said...

They are beautiful and simply fun to look at. I had a nice eye feast this morning and they aren't even fattening! :-)

Chel said...

These literally made me gasp- SO beautiful!!

Carol said...

First let me say that I am always in awe of your doodles!!! They wow me. I do agree that last one doesn't have the same effect. When I looked closer I realized that if I used the same stencils this might be somewhat close to what I would do. Not that I am as talented but because all the flowers are decorated inside their petals. On your other pages you also added to the outside of many of the petals and that is what makes them sing!!!! Thanks for sharing your not as great one as it allowed me to actually see the difference. (you are so brave). OK enough hero worship. I love them.

Janet said...

You are so good at these! I love the floral paisley. You're right that the markers have more intense color but the watercolor pencils give a nice look, too.

You definitely have flower power!!

Breezy Pointe Lane said...

What brand of black pen and what kind of markers do you use? I love the colors.

Eden said...

@Breezy Pointe Lane: First of all thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting! I just never
know if anyone is interested unless they comment.

You asked about the black pen I use. I usually use the Faber-Castell black pitt pens in XS, they
have fine (F is larger) and other sizes. I prefer the narrower nib for detail work. They hold up very well to the task.

Good luck and I hope this helps,

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