November 29, 2011

Fred….the Farmer

I was asked about a year ago to draw a bird on a John Deere tractor.  I hesitated and I was stumped each time it was mentioned. 

You see….I don’t know anything about Farmers and I don’t see a whole lot of tractors where I live. 

Then… came to me…..the bird personality.  I really didn’t have to know how much land the farmer had, what he grew and when he planted his crops.  I didn’t have to know where he bought his fertilizer and what season he harvested…..I could describe a farmer without all the specifics!!  Whew!! I was off the hook! 

The easy part is the drawing….the hard part is the describing.

Fred-the-Farmer….He likes to do everything himself because he learned a long time ago, that if you want something done right you have to do it yourself.  He usually knows the best way to do the job, too.  Good thing he doesn’t need much sleep.

My hats are off to this hard-working breed!!  I’m a big fan of your corn, wheat, oranges, grapes and the like!


JP said...

Could Fred be from Iowa? He looks so familiar!

lee said...

Fred made me smile and i liked his ride. and I have to tell you I like your doodles, not doodles per art

rachel awes said...

i love that fred!
your birdies DELIGHT.
loooooove. xo

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