October 13, 2011

I believe in Angels….


I spent an hour today searching for the “perfect” journal entry to go with my new drawing.  I love going back thru my old journals.  It’s amazing how the same themes seem to keep re-occurring.  What surprised me the most was how shy I was just 5 short years ago.  I wasn’t shy in a “too scared to speak” way, more like private.  I just didn’t bother saying much about myself to others (you know acquaintances, co-workers).  Yea, I was probably a big bore too!  It can get tiresome if someone else has to do all the talking (tiresome for the speaker). LOL!

After that hour, I still hadn’t come up with any journaling blog-worthy enough for the drawing.

I really want to sketch right now…cuz I’m due….but I haven’t found anything that’s inspired me in that way.  So, instead I pulled out my stencils and watercolor pencils and played.

I’m such a sucker for color!!  Gotta have my whole spectrum!

Since the black/white doodling has worked with other watercolor drawings, I went back to that technique.

If you’ve been following my blog then you’ll probably remember the above journaling.  It’s from The War of Art and it reads:

I believe in Angels.  They work for God- it’s their job to help us.  Wake us up.  Bump us along.  They shout “Evolve! Evolve!”….Angels are like muses.  They know stuff we don’t.  They want to help us.  They’re on the other side of a pane of glass shouting to get our attention.  But we can’t hear them.  We’re too distracted by our own nonsense.  Ahh, but when we begin.  When we make a start, when we commit and face our fears- a crack appears in the membrane.

However, I ran out of room up there and couldn’t journal the entire paragraph. Shoot!


rachel awes said...


DJan said...

Even thought I don't always comment, I so enjoy your enthusiasm and art. And all those awesome primary colors, too! I'm glad you wrote it all down, I was getting dizzy trying to follow all the words around. :-)

jinxxxygirl said...

Love the colors and the words! Hugs! deb

Chel said...

Oh, Eden, it's LOVELY!!!! I LOVE it!

Terri Kahrs said...

Thank you for my awesome "color fix" today!!! OMG! I just LOVE this page -- everything about it is fabulous. I believe in angels too . . . . Hugs, Terri xoxo

Serena said...

It's gorgeous, Eden! I love how you work with design and colour...just love it!!

Elena said...

Eden, I really needed to read your quote today. Beautiful. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

for not having a single thought about where you were going to start you ended up with a fantastic page!!! luv it!!! your talent is enless!

Anonymous said...

You inspire me !

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