October 28, 2011

The Making of a Mime….part 4

Added more to the Mime.  All those folds….you’d think it would be pretty easy, but apparently sometimes the shadows come off of the fold in opposing directions!  I guess it depends on the loose-ness of the crease.  Also, how tightly the creases are stacked together.

Challenge  Ex-tror-din-aire!!  And I didn’t care….just wanted the embroidery of the top to be noticeable and somewhat believable. 

The stitching along the edge of the robe….simple!!  It was time for simple!

Just wanted to show you a close-up of the tassels!  Probably best to do them before the fact….not after.  Not much detail applied.

I can’t avoid this next step any longer…..the Heads!  The Faces!  Can’t wing it here either, you guys are hard to fool!


Janet said...

You'll do the heads and faces....never doubt your abilities. This drawing is amazing in it's detail.

MollyGirl said...

i'm loving watching this piece come together. the detail and shading work is incredible!

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