July 8, 2011

A Gnome With No Gname


This title is a total play on the song “A Horse With No Name” from the late 70’s.  And since I like alliteration statements I cheated and added the G to “name”!!  How in the world did our language develop to having a G in front of an N and have that pronounced as an N-sound??  Why even fool with the G??  Beats me!

A few weeks ago a friend at work asked me if I could draw her a gnome.   I said I’d try, and off I went to research and see what exactly they look like.   Lots of different ones out there and all quite cute.  I liked this guy the most.

I stood up to snap a picture of the Gnome at this stage and the next thing I knew…. I was still standing there organizing my markers.  First, I had to grab all my available sharpie fine-point markers, then my Faber Castell pens…..and of course…. the colors had to be lined up “just so”.  Can anyone say O.C.D.??  Ah well, even so, it sure helps to make a prettier picture.  LOL!!

So….if any of you Smart People out there have a suggestion for a Gnaming my Gnome, I’d love to hear it!


Baronessnz said...

Noah the Gnome :)

He's gorgeous, can't wait to see the colours .

Jp said...

I would Name him G

JP said...

on second thought....

his name should be NG (with a silent N!)

upstateLisa said...

Very cute. I have a similar brand of crafter's ADD.

rachel awes said...


love him!
kisses to his cheeks!

Chel said...

I think his name should be... Gnick :)

Janet said...

I'm not good with names but he sure is a cutie!

Eden said...

Wow!! You guys are good and so creative! I love these names!! Really!! And Lisa, I know what you mean about the A.D.D., I think multi-tasking also makes us A.D.D.!! LOL!!

Rhomany said...

I think he looks like a Gnorman.

Dawn said...

i love it!! especially the markers lined up in beautiful color-order! :)

young-eclectic-encounters said...

I'm not vert good at names, but he sure is cute, I think he would make a very good coloring and naming contest like you did with the bird and the turkey.
Johnina :^A

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