July 3, 2012

Two Years of Sketching

When my nest started to empty, it free’d up a lot of my time.  Wasn’t quite sure what to do with myself and I’ve always admired those who could sketch….so I gave it a shot with Friends (sketch #1).


Sketchbook Project, Self Portrait (sketch #2)

Bench Monday (sketch #3)

Looking Down (sketch #4), learned that watercolor paper is not the best type of paper for graphite sketches.


Tutu (sketch #5), brought in very fine markers to outline with at completion.


My daughter’s Senior Picture (sketch #6). 


Air Swimmer (sketch #7), almost my favorite sketch.

Prodigy (sketch #8), first attempt at drawing clothes.

Smiles (sketch #9), my favorite people smiling at me.

En pointe (sketch #10), almost gave up on those shoes.


Diver (sketch #11), one of my favorite sketches.

Yanina Wickmayer (sketch #12), another attempt at a face.

Paddleboard (sketch #13), lightened up my sketching because I thought “Diver” was too dark…..I did not like the way this turned out.

September 11 (sketch #14), talk about paying attention to detail!  I was exhausted! Haha

Mime (sketch #15), just an interesting sketch all the way around.  Liked it!


Dancer Pose (sketch #16),  a beautiful woman in a fake pose.  Check out that back foot…there’s no way she’s holding up her own body weight….someone likes photoshop.

Runner (sketch #17), interesting angle.

Ohio Swimmer (sketch #18), one of my favorites…but I have a lot to learn about sketching water.

Wave Swimmer (sketch #19), adorable child….learned a thing or two about drawing children.

Vitruvian Man (sketch #20), half sketch, half whimsey!

Colored Legs (sketch #21), first attempt at colored pencils.

Crabs (sketch #22), another favorite…probably due to the subject matter.

Diver-N-Color (sketch #23), learning to color not just what I see but what I want to see.

Beach Girls (sketch #24), love the colors in this!

What a wonderful past-time this is.  I seem to have an 18 month attention span when learning new things.  With drawing I’ve got a long way to go, not even close to being bored!

Thanks for all the encouragement you’ve given me along the way.  I still think “pictures of pictures” are the best way to learn to draw.


Daisy Yellow said...

Eden, I am so happy you went through your 18 months of drawing. Your focus and attention to detail, noticing where you can push yourself and letting some things rest while you figure them out, all very interesting. Wonderful work all around!!!

Eden said...

Thank you Tammy! Going to ur blog and being inspired over and over has really helped me to stay on task! So many ways to express oneself thru art...amazing discovery!

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