July 4, 2012



Last week I got an email from my daughter’s friend.  She had noticed that I liked to draw and she said she had a picture that she’d like me to do.  So….she sent me the link to the image. [See the above]  Her link sent me to her school’s picture site.  Ugh!  I thought she had an individual jpeg.  Wonderful photography but…. how in the world could I replicate the image with that huge watermark-logo plastered all over it?  

Some people suggested I just sketch around it….you know, work with the image in this state.  No way…..I would not be a “happy camper” having had to train my eye to draw what is there and then Omit what I see when I draw.  I’m nowhere near that good.

So….I broke down and bought the 4x6 of the image.  Once I received it in the mail, I  scanned it and started on my drawing. 

Since I’m really all about “coloring in the image”, my Art instructor said with photo-realism it is perfectly acceptable to cut out the image and use it like a template, like you see here.  Remember….it’s harder to erase colored pencils… I am limited with my flexibility once I put the color down.  The paper can just take so much abuse.

Did the acetate grid trick again and started with the nose.

Worked on this for about 3 hours yesterday.  This was coming together better than expected, so nice to go straight into coloring.  Best to keep those expectations low!

Doing my best to keep these pencils sharp.

There is a huge advantage to drawing swimmers…….I don’t have to worry about getting the eyes right.  Yea Baby!


Jp said...

This must really be fun to be able to recreate this photo. You are doing a great job. I love watching the progress

jinxxxygirl said...

How great to add all these little tricks to your repitoire! Hmmm spell check doesn't like that word but won't give me the correct spelling . lol i know what i mean i hope you do too. lol Just like the other commenter i love it when you share the process. Thanks! deb

Eden said...

Thanks so much JP and Deb! Your support means a lot to me!
@Deb- you crack me up! I'm always trying to add tricks to my repertoire!! Haha

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