April 30, 2012

Growing Pains….Stalling

I have neglected to tell you where I got found this drawing inspiration.  It is found here.

I wanted to bring the bench into the drawing.  It was easy enough, since shading is shading and straight lines are straight lines.  Made me happy!

Fini!  Kinda feels like it’s missing something….yea, the horse cuz this reminds me of the headless horseman. But I was no where near drawing horses yet….so this worked!

Brought my watercolor pencil set to my art class.  To see what I can do with them in a “figure drawing” sort of way.   The look is so much different.  The instructor said she liked the color palette better with these than with what I had done in colored pencils alone.  I had to agree…but I had to stick up for those colored pencils too.  I said “but to get it more 3D, the 3D look is only accomplished with the colored pencils, the watercolors will always look more unreal.”  She, of course, begged to differ!  And informed me… that with time, I could make watercolor pencils look 3D…..now this I gotta learn!

Went shopping online the other day at Dick Blick.  I was happy they had such a good selection of the super fine nibbed (005) Microns in different colors.  Grabbed each color they offered in 005.

Do any of you work in Watercolor pencils?  Any tips?


Susan said...

No tips, I am learning from you. Thank you for sharing and your end product is amazing.

jinxxxygirl said...

I haven't tried those. But i won't say never. I'll let you be my guinea pig....Bwaaaaahhhhaaa!! LOL!

Eden said...

Haha!! Thanks Susan and Deb! It's the blind leading the blind here :D

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