April 22, 2012

Growing Pains….colored pencils

I showed up to my Art Class with my meager set of 12 colored pencils.  Then the instructor took out her classroom stock of pencils.  She really liked these Woodless Colour Pencils……so I tried them.

I was told that drawing with colored pencils is all about layering different colors. One on top of the other.  She said put down a base color softly, then go in and start adding colors.

I used pinks, purples, blues, oranges and reds.  To shade in colored pencil work we have to work according to the color wheel.  Opposites on the color wheel make gray.  I’m not supposed to go grab a gray, I’m supposed to use opposing colors…Otherwise, like with painting…I’d muddy it all up!  Joy!

I said to my teacher…. “so I just have to be real sloppy with my drawings until I start to see the different colors”…she said…”you may want to sketch a lemon”….I thought, “if you make me sketch lemons, you’ve lost me and I won’t sketch anything at all”….

It took me a little while to work thru my growing pains….I was tentative, light with my colors…..then I started to see what they were talking about with overlaying different colors on top of one another to bring in light and shape…..It was getting fun!!  Hey, when you get to work with color how can that not be fun?

That right knee is still kind of wonky….Have to play around with it in a sideways view, I think.


Susan said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Jp said...

You'd make your MaMa proud

jinxxxygirl said...

I LURVE me some colored pencils! As you can see on my blog thats pretty much all i use. That and some markers to outline. I have been dabbling in acrylics but feel most comfortable with colored pencils. I haven't taken a class but you find your way just play around too so PLAY and have fun. Looks wonderful!!!Hugs! deb

Eden said...

Thanks so much for your kind comments!
@deb- I think these pencils have quite the learning curve because not only do I have to play with intensity I have to figure out just what color I'm seeing. Whew! Hope I'm up for it and I'm gonna have to stop by your blog for some tips. Thanks

Stephanie said...

I haven't worked in colored pencil in awhile. Seeing this makes me want to take them out. I have a huge set of Prismacolors but have the Faber Castell Polychromos on my wishlist. You did a very nice job!

Eden said...

@Steph....now you make me want to go check out those faber castell polychromos!,

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