April 1, 2012

Balancing Botanicals

I seem to need to balance my sketching with color!  It was color time.

I wonder if I’ll feel that way if I actually start sketching in colored pencils….hmmm…

The image that inspired this drawing is from flickr……one of my favorite resources Open-mouthed smile

It was hard…but I only allowed myself to use these Faber-Castell Pitt pens…no Sharpies nor Bic’s allowed.

Picked up this button while at a sports event about 8 years ago…..I need this gentle reminder….so easy for me to just keep my head down…and to the grindstone.  Just the way I’m made.

I like the negative space apparent to show the word here…Ideally I didn’t want to outline that word, but could not see another way around it for this drawing.

I’m happy with how this turned out.  I like the vibrancy of all that color balanced with the black and white on the other side. 

I am a huge fan of BALANCE. 
  1. I need to balance my Duties-----with Freedom
  2. My Work-----with Play
  3. My Creativity-----with Analysis/ Science
  4. My Color-----with Negative Space
  5. My Research/ Study-----with Vegging Out.
  6. My Losing it-----with Finding it….passion!
What surprised me after I started drawing this piece was what was showing up in my google reader.  Yep, many other blogs started talking about “balance”.  I think that’s the good ‘ole monkey effect of synchronization that I witnessed.  Love it!!  

And here are a few of the posts I’m referring to:
  1. Creative Carmelina- Finding Balance
  2. Daisy Yellow- What is your focus?
  3. Shutter Sisters- Equal Day...Equal Night
  4. Zen Habits- Change Muscle
  5. Christine Kane- Let your body teach you about balance  (from 2009 but a good post)
  6. Jeff Goins- How to improve your writing in one counter-intuitive way (2 mos ago)
Have you found your balance?  Do you sense when you’re getting out of balance?  I sure do!


g.a.s. said...

Really like this doodle take on balance.great art work.

Emily Lagore said...

heh balance....a constant struggle for balance in my life. I seem to be an all or nothing kind of girl and that usually puts my body and mind out of whack. balance. a wonderful goal!! a terrific colourful doodle!

Eden said...

Thanks g.a.s and Emily, this was a very relaxing and fun one to do...I must have been a little more balanced at the time!! Haha

Anonymous said...

Eden - I recently "stumbled" across your blog. I fall a lot but THIS time, I'm happy I fell & landed on your blog. LOVE your doodles, drawing & your other posts!
Thanks for sharing your talent!
Grandma Nancy Sapp

Perrine Renoir said...

documenting the art-creating process --- thumbs up!

Botanicals said...

Thanks for the post. It was very nice to be here again on your blog. Hope to see more better posts from you in the future.

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