March 29, 2012

Wave Swimmer….Complete

After 58 pictures of this “Wave Swimmer” sketch-in-progress, I’d have to say THIS is my favorite shot.  And it’s not because the picture composition is all that great.  It’s because I’m doing my favorite part.  Outlining with my Copic 0.05 gray multi-liner permanent pen.  It’s at this point that the image starts to round out.  Starts to show dimension…substance….3D-edness. 

Had to take the picture outdoors.  I was getting way too many shadows inside.


Ok, here’s what I learned:
  1. Kids (under 11) tend to have a rounder belly….which I did not make.  She’s pretty lean.
  2. Kids (under 11) have a bit larger heads.  Not so insanely out of proportion like an infant.  I  have made her all-in-proportion.
  3. Her features are just a bit smaller than the original.  (Boy did I go back and forth with those eyes… big eyes…erase…small eyes…erase.)  And the more I erase and apply lead…the more I abuse that paper.  No matter what, the paper will not go back to it’s “ true white” after all these attempts.  So…the really good artists see things as they should be much earlier.
  4. How in the world did anyone learn how to draw before digital camera’s and computer monitors?  What wonderful tools these are!
I’m still in need of much practice.  I’m just grateful I was given such a sweet subject to sketch.  It’ll be hard to part with this sketch….but I’m running out of room to display these sketches in my house.

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