March 20, 2012

Figuring out Flat Faces…

Yes, the whole trick to sketching is figuring out how to make the 3D figure flat (2D)…That’s the crux of the matter….  That’s it in a nutshell….That’s really all we have to do!!….haha


Yea…Yea….I know…you’re all tired of hearing me belly-ache about how hard faces are…but THEY are!! And if I’m to go forward with this sketching it’s time I took up the challenge…..(why must I always be challenging myself?)

  1. Obviously a pretty poor rendition of this lovely young ladies face…but my faces always start out a little scarry!
  2. Erased it all away…and redrew that mouth.
  3. Turned the image upside down, and tried again in that contour way.
  4. Still trying
  5. Right eye too low, adjusted up.  Nose too long, shortened.
  6. Mouth a little small, enlarged
  7. Face narrowed a little and minor markings applied

WOW!…now I can see so much!  I can see the errors, the flaws, the work I have left to do!

If I didn’t frequent my blog too, I wouldn’t be showing this….but I need to get familiar with the two images side by side.  The eyes are too open…the nose still too long… the lips too full!  It’s like you guys are the teacher, and I’m the student! 

Thanks again Smile


Jp said...

My eyes must be failing me because I am blown away by how wonderful your sketch has been done.

jinxxxygirl said...

You may be pointing out all the flaws but i'm not seeing them. :) I think you captured her expression perfectly at this point. There may be little minute details you may not like but the face as a whole is well done! What am i trying to say? I think you've captured the emotion.
Hugs! deb

Artoholic said...

I think the "essence" of a portrait is sometimes more important than photo-realism. I think you've done very well here!



Eden said...

You have no idea what your comments mean to me...I really wish I could draw more "photo realistic". Possibly no matter what, I will always portray what I see in the picture thru my own filter and draw my own way .

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